Jan. 7th, 2009

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No comics today. NYX was on my list, but I decided I'd skip the trip this week (big snowstorm was supposedly today, which turned out to be a semi-heavy snowfall followed by freezing rain and the resultant slush. I think I made the right call) and get it with next week's.

Work was a bit of a pain in part due to the snow/slush (which also made things late), but also a couple random minor problems with delayed things and made me sorer. Meh. Oh well, at least it's over.

And in case you hadn't heard, LJ MAY DIE AT ANY MINUTE (no, this isn't anything updated from the other posts on the subject you may have seen on your flist, I'm just being deliberately overdramatic). I dunno, I'm not too worried. I backed everything up just in case, but I suspect it's more likely the layoffs are more designed to position for an attempt to sell the company (because then they can say that they only have X amount of staff, paid X amount of dollars), rather than a sign that LJ is going to be swallowed up into nothingness. That said, LJ lost the trust for me a long time ago, which is why I never considered buying a 'permanent' account (whereas years ago I might have, although didn't have the funds). And let's face it, when they can decide to pull the plug at any moment a permanent account is hardly permanent, and not worth paying the equivalent of (what is it?) 2 years of paid (unless you would have paid that and more already)? Anyway, should LJ go completely belly up and we must go our separate ways, well, I'm not sure where I'll go. Probably to one of the other LJ clones, because I like the formatting and such. But if you need to contact me, my e-mail address isn't hard to find (hint, I run a website and an e-mail address is listed there). Although technically if it disappears overnight e-mail _might_ not reach me as there are currently some problems with my e-mail that need to be ironed out.

Had another Sithicus dream. For those who don't know, in the 90s I ran a local computer Bulletin Board System (over the phone-lines, pre-Internet age) by that name. Every once in a while, I have a dream where I discover it's still going, still running on that old (now deceased) computer. It's odd. Read more... )

Writing cycle begins next week, first one after the December break. Don't have any particular _new_ ideas unfortunately, but think I'll be trying something a little different. Start writing up one of my ideas for a comic format in prose. Not to have the story meant to be in that form, but as a way of getting through my block against working on it. See, I can do fairly well in terms of 'writing off the top of my head' in prose, but in script or comic form I tend to sit there and type nothing. So I thought maybe I could try it this way. Then I'd just have to adapt my own work.


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