Feb. 11th, 2009

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This week I got one book:

Captain Britain and MI13 #10 (ahhh, enjoyable crack, should be a good start to the arc)

Full reviews as usual at my comic reviews site for anyone interested.

Work wasn't bad, wasn't too heavy and came on time. Like, right at time. By the time I got there it was starting to pull up. Which, unfortunately, meant that I didn't get any reading done today either. It was drizzily at best, rainy at worst on the walk to the comic store and from there to work, and no time to just chill before starting work, and still rainy on the way home. Ah well, it happens. Would have been a lovely day if not for the rain though, +13 or something.

On to Book Foo...

Finished: Wild Cards, Vol 7: Dead Man's Hand, by George R. R. Martin and John J. Miller (reread)
Started: Spin, by Robert Charles Wilson (reread)

Finished the last of my Wild Card reread, with this book, much of which runs concurrently with the last. Short version: Not bad. Minor spoilers behind the cut.
Read more... )

Finished: Olympos, by Dan Simmons (reread)
Started: Dune, by Frank Herbert (reread)

Comments behind the cut, some spoilers. Short version: More disappointing the second time around, and certain questionable plot elements do stand out.
Read more... ). Dune's next, felt it was time for a reread.

What else? The cat's being a little bit of a pest, always trying to sneak into my room. He used to do it only occasionally, but now it's pretty much every single time. I think he's decided that the laser pointer beast lives in my room, since that's how I always got him to get out from under my bed and so out of the room in the past.

A bit depressed, of course, but that's natural for me in the middle of winter. Kinda sucks though I don't really feel much like writing, so am kinda slogging it. And of course it's the most horrible week of the year, the one where all the media rubs it in your face that you're alone and will likely be so for the rest of your life. :P

It's also Computer Day and Monster Day coming up, but that's not enough to override that.


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