Feb. 15th, 2009

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At the moment, it's looking like in my efforts to get the new HD and such to work, even temporarily as a fix, I somehow damaged my motherboard or something.

I was trying to boot up a version of linux to get some temporary functionality, maybe if I was lucky even enough to watch BSG, but the disc I was using was screwed up or (more likely) autorun configured wrong for my system, and it got to a state where the computer wouldn't turn off either with the usual key commands, or with the power button. So, after waiting a while to see if it would sort itself out, I did what I usually do in such cases, pulled the plug out and tried again. In retrospect, probably a mistake, but a dead computer isn't that much less useless to me than a living computer that is stuck in some endless loop and won't do anything unless I do what might kill it.

When I put it back in, something was screwed up, where the power would only stay on while the button was pushed - as soon as you let go, it would turn off. Suspecting a loose connection, I pushed some things gently, and that problem seemed to be fixed... only to be presented with another.

Now when it turns on, there is a loud series of beeps, and no signal reaches the monitor so I can't even get an idea of what the beeps might mean. Oddly, the no-signal thing happened earlier today (but without the beeps). How did I fix it, you ask? I have no f$!@ing idea, I fiddled around a little and it started to work. I've fiddled as much as I can this time and nothing's happening.

Looks like I have to buy a f@$!ing new computer. Even if I somehow manage to get it working, there's no guarantee I can either get things running in a reasonable time, or that something else inexplicable won't go wrong when I jiggle it the right way. I'm not exactly making the big bucks, but I've had some money set aside. But now I have to go through the painful process of finding one.

In the meantime, very limited TV (and wouldn't you know it, it happens right before I lose most of the US channels to the digital switchover). No BSG, Lost, Wolverine and the X-Men, and probably Terminator until I can DL/watch streaming again.

And goodbye dreams of making an XBox360 my luxury purchase of the year, unless something unexpectedly nice (or even unexpectedly _not bad_, in a particular case) happens, which I doubt. :P

Valentine's Day Weekend _usually_ sucks for me (the whole, 'the rest of my life is doomed to be a bleak, lonely existence' thing I usually try to ignore), but this time it sucked for way more than the usual reasons. Sometimes I think the universe and I are in a game of chicken. It tries to see how close to unbearable it can push me without me going over the line. :P Of course, that would be anthropomorphizing it to an unwarranted degree. Events are cowards, they didn't occur singly, but instead they run in packs and leap out at you all at once. Also anthropomophism, but it's a Gaiman paraphrase. I expect next up will be the announcement of C.B. Cebulski as the next Runaways writer, ruining one more thing I get pleasure out of. Or maybe the HD on _this_ computer will blow up and leave me not only computerless and out of what little human conversation I get outside the immediate family, but also having lost all of the writing I've done over the last few years. :P.

Also, Sunday morning TV, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really sucks without cable. I mean, pretty much nothing but religious crap and one newsish channel.

This whinefest brought to you by the color out of space, the number e, and Valenzetti equation. Sorry. I'll try to be back to more-or-less stoicism next time I post, but I needed to blow off some steam.


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