Feb. 25th, 2009

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First, Happy Birthday [livejournal.com profile] soleta_nf!

Second, meh. Sleep was not great. I kept semi-waking up convinced that I was moving tomorrow/today and my mind was frantically racing trying to organize everything. Even though part of me was aware and tried to remind myself that uh, no, I'm not moving, the racing-mind part wouldn't listen. On the other hand, then I had a dream that I went to see a taping of the Daily Show, and hung out with Jon Stewart afterwards, which was kinda fun.

Did I mention how on Monday at about 5:30 am I helped a homeless woman steal back her bag of clothes from another homeless person who was using it as a pillow? No? Well, maybe after work.

Finally, Stargate Universe castings! They finally announced the rest of the main cast. And there are some recognizable (to me, at least) names there, although nothing super-exciting, some are at least mildly cool. (cut just in case you don't want to know) Read more... )
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This week I got two books:

NYX: No Way Home #6 (of 6) (a bit of a mess, a conclusion that doesn't conclude)
Runaways #7 (a bit weak, maybe it's best Moore's leaving)

Full reviews as usual at my comic reviews site for anyone interested.

Also picked up at the bookstore, Queen of Candensce, by Karl Schroeder (Book 2 of Virga), and The Century of Science Fiction, a short story collection (it was in the 'books we want to get rid of so we'll price them really cheap' bin.

Work was okay, but it arrived just about the same time I did, and I had to do more, not only because we're in the busy season, but because one guy wasn't there and they asked me to do his part too.

I hate Roll Up the Rim.

And just heard that Philip Jose Farmer passed away at the age of 91. Enjoy the River, man.

I promised the story about how, on Monday, at 5:30 am I found myself helping a homeless woman steal back a bag of clothes. So, here it is! (It's not as entertaining as it sounds). Read more... )


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