May. 5th, 2009

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Finished: Lady of Mazes, by Karl Schroeder (reread)
Started: The Algebraist, by Iain M. Banks

It's a reread, so I don't really have extended comments, but it does reread very well, and I expect I'll be reading it again sooner or later.

Finished: Altered Carbon, by Richard Morgan (reread)
Started: The State of the Art, by Iain M. Banks (novella + short stories)

Another reread that works pretty well. This time around as I was rereading it part of my mind was attempting to see it almost as a movie script - determining
what to keep, what to cut, how to depict certain aspects. I actually think it could work pretty well as a movie.

Don't think I mentioned before, but I also watched the Caprica pilot. Not bad, maybe a bit slow at spots, but it has some potential there, and deals with a number of my favorite SF themes more directly, it seems, than BSG did. So we'll see when the series comes out.

Had a dream the other night where I was in the future, trying to find information on a digital plague that destroyed the world's computers in 2010. I wanted to get an anti-virus protocol that would stop it. Anyway, it was something like 500 years in the future, but the only real hi-tech I saw was that escalators, if you started to go up the down escalator (or vice versa) and nobody else was on it, would automatically change direction. Most people in the future had no idea (and one of the people I asked was Deadpool, who had lived all this time since then, but he couldn't remember it or much of that century), but I finally found somebody right as I was about to be pulled back to the present (my trip was time dependant) and he started downloading the information into a USB key. Then somebody knocked at the door and somehow I knew it was a killer, after me, sort of a Terminator but not a robot. It burst through the door and shot different people in the room (including Deadpool), but I grabbed the USB key and disappeared back into the present with it, at which point I woke up. Then a little later I dreamed I was touring a house somebody won on the Price is Right, for some reason. Pretty wide range there in imaginative dreaming.


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