May. 18th, 2009

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Yes, it's not technically your birthday, but its the day we celebrate it. And frankly, I think you should be happy we celebrate it at all, considering you've been dead for quite a while.

Anyway, Victoria Day holiday today, but I didn't get it off, instead I got more money for work, and get home a little earlier because work was light and nowhere to stop for groceries on the way home.

So, I might as well talk about the Wedding on Saturday. I felt ripped off. The Simpsons totally misprepared me. I though we were going to remove weeds from a garden!

No, seriously, it was okay, aside from having to get all dressed up in a monkeysuit (not literally, although that would have been cool).

Nice to see my cousin getting married (which I didn't actually _see_, due to some last minute snafus with transportation we missed the actual wedding and only attended the reception), and seems like she got a good guy, at least from the impressions one can form from a few seconds of interaction congratulating them. And of course it was fully a greek/macedonian wedding, so there were the old traditions at the reception, like the Pig Dance, the "Bride and Groom fight over a loaf of bread" (they tear it in two, whichever gets the biggest piece 'wears the pants' in the relationship. My cousin totally got a _way_ bigger piece), the Bread Dance, and the big group circle dances to greek music that everybody not sane does. (I'm sane, so naturally abstained).

And the more common traditions like the long speeches by the bridal party. Though I thought some of the people there were rude. Not the bridal party, the crowd. I mean, yeah, they're boring speeches and not delivered well, but there was a lot of crowd-talking-amongst-themselves during them. You pay your respects and let them speak. Meh, oh well.

Food was pretty good. Appetizers: Beef skewers, cheese balls, shrimp (grilled and breaded) and a couple things I didn't get to try. Then a plate of Brushcetta, Proscuitto, grilled eggplant, some sort of mix of Kalimari (that's squid) and shrimp served in a leaf, and probably something else I'm forgetting. Then some little pasta thing, cheese and spinach crepes. Then baked salmon (which I only took one bite of, not a big fish eater), and grilled Kalimari (which I did enjoy), with spinach and arugola risotto (which was rather nice, not sure if I've had risotto before). Then some sort of lemon 'palate-cleanser', then the main course, 8oz Angus Steak with shrimp, and vegetables and potatoes and such on the side. Now, at this point the rest of the people at the table were nearly full, due to the rest of the stuff before, and so I got the shrimp of like 3 people and one and a half extra steaks (I've got a reputation of having something like a hollow leg, but it's in part because I don't eat much before big eating occasions... all I had that day was one pizza pop). And I did get a couple extras of some of the earlier things, too. Finally there was dessert which was a vanilla/chocolate tartufo (sp), which wasn't bad. All in all the food was quite good.

Had to leave a little earlier than most, on account of my Dad (and our ride) having to work early the next morning, and also my roommate (and sister-in-commonlaw) was not feeling well, but it's probably just as well, it was at the point where the music was loud and greek and annoying.

There was of course the usual awkwardness of people I barely remember but am somehow related to coming up to me and asking how I am, and a few people I do genuinely know and just hadn''t seen in a while, ramped up because I feel silly and more uncomfortable than usual while wearing a suit. And then, of course, the usual slight depression at weddings due to one not being in any of my probable futures. But it was relatively slight this time.

Was pretty tired by the time we got home, went to sleep about a half hour later.


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