Aug. 9th, 2009


Aug. 9th, 2009 07:40 am
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Happy Birthday [ profile] allegroconmolto!!
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Thought at first I might not be able to go, on account of thunderstorms around noonish. However, they cleared up, and so I shambled towards the Danforth looking for Gyros like zombies shamble towards human flesh.

The shambling was due to the slight mugginess in the air despite the recent thunderstorm. Not the most pleasant. Crowd looked a bit thinner than in recent years, but possibly also because of the storm.

Anyway, my hunger was sated, and it was delicious, although it could have been saucier. I'm talking about the gyro, of course, I assume the human flesh was about its usual level of sauce.

Also enjoyed some honey balls with cinammon. I should stress once again I am not talking about human flesh. Just to be safe.

Other news, well, there's not much else. Almost finished Romana I's tenure on Who. She's not bad, maybe a tiny bit grating in the first serial but got over it quickly. Have to see about II.

Not much new in TV yet here. Checked out the first episode of Defying Gravity, which was described everywhere as "Grey's Anatomy in Space". And.... well, that about sums it up, actually. But I liked early Grey's Anatomy. Science seems a bit wonky at times but at least it's not horrifically bad. It's watchable so far, that's all I can say, and as we're still in summer dead zone for TV, watchable's good enough to keep watching.


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