Sep. 23rd, 2009


Sep. 23rd, 2009 05:09 pm
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No comics of course, which has become the norm rather than the exception. Seems almost silly to keep posting on Wednesdays regardless, but I'm a creature of habits.

Anyway, work was okay, a little muggy.

I also had to kill a wasp today. I say had to because it's generally not my choice. Wasps are one of the 'bugs' that I always have a kind of fascination with. There aren't many. Wasps, to a lesser extent Bees, Spiders, Praying Mantis, and to a much lesser extent, ants. None of them I want _on me_, but I like observing them. Wasps I actually tolerate most of all, which is kind of bizarre considering they've got that built in sting. But I have no problem letting a wasp buzz right around my face or even landing on me. I don't brush it off. When I was young, probably 12 or so, there was a summer with a lot of wasps, and in one particular day I got stung about 5 times in five separate incidents. One was outside, then later that day I'd be somewhere inside, lifting up a book and a wasp happened to be under it, etc. After that though I seemed to have lost all my fear of them. I almost consider them friends (though really it's more of a scientific respect for their form and function combined with a bizarre aesthetic appeal). I've been stung a few times since (almost always because I didn't know one was there and happened to swat at the 'something' I felt on me), but I don't even mind that.

But alas, some things take priority over that, because the wasp-killing was at the request of girls who were freaked out by wasps, and I can't refuse that. It was in the staff room, and the way it was set up it would have been hard to shoo it away without taking the chance of shooing it into an area with even more people. If I could have managed it I might have tried to catch it in my hands and carry it outside, even risking a sting, but it was hovering about the lights and the only way to reach it was with a newspaper. And, when I smacked it to the ground, at that point, it was probably just kinder to finish the job, which I did with a murmured apology of, "sorry little buddy."

Otherwise, not much happened today. Took a nap after work but it was annoying because although I dreamed, my eyes kept opening, which is a very frustrating experience. You can't see the dream because the image of a tiny fragment of comforter or bedspread is superimposed over it, and I can't manage to consciously close my eyes, or move my body because sleep paralysis has set in.

Finished the last two books I was reading but I need to choose replacements before I do a full Book Foo post.


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