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This week I got one book:

Captain Britain and MI13 #14 (one of the best issues of the title, rousing and fun. Wish it wasn't getting cancelled)

Full reviews as usual at my comic reviews site for anyone interested.

I also finally did it. I bought Doctor Horrible's Sing-A-Long Blog, the DVD. Now that it's no longer amazon exclusive (me, lacking a credit
card and they, not liking paypal, do not get along). While I was on my way to work from the comic store I stopped into an HMV, specifically to
look for it, and lo and behold, they had it in their New Releases shelf, and for only $12.99. Since the online places I checked earlier had it
for $19.99 (plus shipping), that pretty much settled that. I will soon be sitting down to watch it while I eat my dinner. Expect the songs running through my head for the next few weeks.

Oh, and I noticed that President's Choices has a few new potato chip flavours, so I was weak and bought them. There's Baby Back Ribs, and "Greek" (Feta, oregano, and olive oil).
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This week I got two books.

Captain Britain and MI13 Annual #1 (one story tried to do too much and another, not enough, but it was nice to see Adrian Alphona drawing comics again).
New Mutants #2 (Not as good as last issue, but possibly still a decent series).

In other news, I'm sick. Just a cold, I think (though y'never know, maybe swine flu). Kinda hit me all of a sudden, too. Friday morning felt fine, went to work, all we well. Pretty much as soon I got home, my throat was sore. Then by the next day I was coughing, sore throat, stuffiness, sinus pain, super sneezing, and general aches. I'm somewhat better now. I still have coughing fits and stuffiness, and the occasional sore throat, but at least I don't feel all wonky. Also felt good enough that I was able to help my dad with moving stuff yesterday.

But still, Meh, I want the sick to be over.

Work was okay anyway. I think I must have been unconsciously walking a bit slower cause the truck was there when I arrived. But whatever.
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Once again, because Canada is Awesome, we get ours a day before the US (we didn't have a holiday this weekend that delayed them). And it was actually a comic day for me.

This week I got one book:

Runaways #10 (Yost story was pretty entertaining, Asmus' story was so-so)

Full reviews as usual at my comic reviews site for anyone interested.

Also picked up at the used bookstore, "The Yiddish Policeman's Union", by Michael Chabon (winner of Hugo and Nebula award).

Work was okay, heavier of course due to Monday-me screwing me over. Damn you Monday-me! Ah well. Anyway, had a bit of a late start to walk to work, but ended up being spotted by my dad who gave me a lift towards the general area of the comic store, which was nice. The heavy rain sometime after that, not quite so nice. Ah well.
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Damn, just heard that the local Tori Stafford case was solved and, well, it's the worst case scenario. Man. I was kinda hoping, since it was presumed that a woman led her away, that it was one of those freaky, "I want my own kid" situations, which is good in the sense that the kid may be treated okay or maybe even a ransom. But no. Some messed up people in the world.

Anyway, no comics today, but work was okay. Came on time and not too heavy, so I got out pretty early. A bit warm though, and hungry now.

Oh, and I am amused by small and immature things sometimes. At the local large chain grocery store, I was checking out the flyer to see if they had any good deals. One of the advertised special, was those little dried-soup-in-a-cup, selected varieties. Except, the sample picture of it proudly proclaimed C*CK FLAVOUR (no censoring, and of course, meaning chicken). Now, since there are presumably multiple varieties, somebody had to have said specifically, "Okay, for the sample pick, we're going to use this variety." It gave me a giggle, anyway.

And just a brief rant. Now, I generally don't agree with the Conservative Party (of Canada, which is still usually less conservative than the US one) on issues. But there's one thing that inspires my rage in them like nothing else - their ads. Specifically, their negative campaign ads. THERE'S NOT EVEN A $#!!ING ELECTION SCHEDULED. STOP PLAYING YOUR ADS SLAMMING THE LIBERAL LEADER REPEATEDLY. We get enough of that crap during an election. You might have had a fair point had you played them then, but now all I get when I see the ads is more hatred for you.

And while I'm on a rant, is it just me, or have the standards of Lucky Charms fallen in recent years? Before, the rainbow mushroom actually looked a little like a rainbow, like it does on the box. Now, it's just a rainbow shaped marshmallow with either random splatterings of cover, or with horizontal bands of color rather than arcs, so it doesn't really look like a rainbow at all. Is a little pride and craftsmanship in the field of mass-produced tiny consumer marshmallows too much to ask?

On to TV and other entertainment media. Since it's nearing the end of the season, I've been saving my thoughts on show episodes for my big 'end of year wrapup'. So I'll just talk about Renewals and Cancellations. Old news to most, but I haven't posted about it.
The good news: Dollhouse is renewed. A bit surprising, actually, but good on them. I hope, if nothing else, this will cause the kneejerk FOX-haters to reconsider their "I will never watch anything on FOX because they don't support good genre shows" (they follow the money, and approve more genre shows than most, and in some cases, like this, where the ratings do not support renewal, they STILL give it another shot? What more do you ask? Especially when you won't watch the shows they put out.). It has gotten a lot better since the first ep, although I don't think it'll ever be a favorite.

A couple other renewals of course, but nothing I personally care about all that much that wasn't already pretty well certain.

Now the bad news. In comics, Captain Britain and MI13 is coming to an end, which will bring my monthly list back down to 2 (it went up to three when New Mutants started. Runaways is the other one). That's sad, it was a pretty fun comic. How can you not like a comic with Dracula living on the moon and launching an assault on Britain using ships that shoot vampires?! Bah, people have no taste.
Also cancelled, officially although most of us knew it was coming, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. Damnit. I say again, Damnit. Seriously, I would have traded Dollhouse for Sarah Connor in the cancellation stakes in a heartbeat. I also would have traded all those shows I don't watch that were bubbled and saved. Sorry, fans of those shows for my hypothetical callousness. Anyway, Dollhouse would likely have been the only theoretical 'if only one could be saved' situation might have existed. Dollhouse, I enjoyed, and would have liked to see where it went, but I really WANTED to see how SCC would have dealt with their cliffhanger, and of course more Cameron and all the issues there. But at the same time I can't entirely blame Fox, based on the ratings. Frankly, I'm surprised they got the back end of Season 2 pickup, and I'm thankful for that, because at least they ended strongly (albeit on a cliffhanger) than on the weak stretch of eps that made up mid-S2. And of course I won't hold the cancellation against Dollhouse. How could I?

Oh, and speaking (a ways back) of Runaways, I had a Runaways-related dream. All I could remember was a) We were running cross country, I think in something like the Steinbus instead of the much cooler Leapfrog.
b) Chase had a girlfriend who was rather cool but not really connected to the Runaways, and he broke up with her on the way and we left her behind.
c) Klara was running a three-card-monte style game (can't remember the specifics, but it was some sort of gambling-related 'cheat the unsuspecting') to help earn money, but was secretly thinking of leaving the group and not meeting at the rendezvous we'd set up.
d) The only actually Runaways to appear were Chase, Klara, and Molly, with the dream 'set' sometime in the future after the rest had been rotated out, I think. Which is odd because if I was going to rotate out, Klara would be an early choice.

I guess Runaways dreams will happen when you have Runaways plot-bunnies running through your thoughts regularly. Seriously, it's getting out of hand. In my idle times I've been noodling around a sort of 'what I'd do with if I took over the book after Whedon's run/the Secret Invasion crossover' (I ignored Moore's and beyond, not only because I'm not all that happy with it but because I need a specific break or I never get anywhere beyond updating my plans because of whatever happens in the book). I've got decently fleshed out 3 arcs with loose plans for something like 6 or 7 beyond that, creating subplots, new supporting characters/recurring and/or one-shot villains/initiative members, and long term character arcs for everybody. Bah. The world will never know the genius of MONOK (Mental Organism Now Opposed To Killing), an attempt by an AIM offshoot to recreate MODOK, thwarted when he converted to the Mormon faith and joined the Utah initiative! (The Runaways have to pass through Utah on their way back since when we left off they were still in New York). And that's only one of many ideas! Okay, it's silly, but I have fun with such things.
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This week I got one book:

Captain Britain and MI13 #12 (wow, some pretty big stuff happens)

Full reviews as usual at my comic reviews site for anyone interested. (Yep, it's back, for anyone that cares, so my reviews of New Mutants #1 and the last Runaways are there too).

Work was okay, but Past-Me screwed me over again. He got a light load on Monday, and that means I got a heavy one today. And he was smug about it too, he realized what his light load meant and actually said, "Hey, that's Future-Me's problem!". Whadda jerk.

Anyway, food time now.

Edit: Oh, and on the way to get comics, I passed by a filming locations - lots of trailers, etc. It happens. Happened to see on one of the trailers was "The Bridge" as the name of the movie/show. Didn't think much of it, but just looked it up. Apparently the Bridge is a new cop show, and among its stars? Chief Tyrol from BSG! I could have been within a few feet of him (though he was probably in his trailer and wouldn't have come out even if I'd known).
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This week I got one book:

New Mutants #1. I went into it with a little trepidation, but I'm rather pleased with it actually. The characters felt much like the NM I enjoyed.

No full review up yet (though it's written), because there are still the website problems. Right now there are some issues where it seems to be mixed up and pointing to other sites hosted on the same server, in particular an adult site, which is a little embarassing. I'm told it'll be resolved in the next few days. I'd complain, but, really, it's free.

Work was a bit of a pain. Much heavier load. Past-Me screwed me again. See, Monday was about 2/3 of the normal load. Today, one would expect, it would be an extra third of the normal load, to make up. But no, it was 2/3 of the normal load above and beyond the normal. Now, technically Past-Me didn't do anything to cause this, but the smug bastard felt good that he got a lighter workload and I got a heavier one so I'm angry at him.
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Finished: Lady of Mazes, by Karl Schroeder (reread)
Started: The Algebraist, by Iain M. Banks

It's a reread, so I don't really have extended comments, but it does reread very well, and I expect I'll be reading it again sooner or later.

Finished: Altered Carbon, by Richard Morgan (reread)
Started: The State of the Art, by Iain M. Banks (novella + short stories)

Another reread that works pretty well. This time around as I was rereading it part of my mind was attempting to see it almost as a movie script - determining
what to keep, what to cut, how to depict certain aspects. I actually think it could work pretty well as a movie.

Don't think I mentioned before, but I also watched the Caprica pilot. Not bad, maybe a bit slow at spots, but it has some potential there, and deals with a number of my favorite SF themes more directly, it seems, than BSG did. So we'll see when the series comes out.

Had a dream the other night where I was in the future, trying to find information on a digital plague that destroyed the world's computers in 2010. I wanted to get an anti-virus protocol that would stop it. Anyway, it was something like 500 years in the future, but the only real hi-tech I saw was that escalators, if you started to go up the down escalator (or vice versa) and nobody else was on it, would automatically change direction. Most people in the future had no idea (and one of the people I asked was Deadpool, who had lived all this time since then, but he couldn't remember it or much of that century), but I finally found somebody right as I was about to be pulled back to the present (my trip was time dependant) and he started downloading the information into a USB key. Then somebody knocked at the door and somehow I knew it was a killer, after me, sort of a Terminator but not a robot. It burst through the door and shot different people in the room (including Deadpool), but I grabbed the USB key and disappeared back into the present with it, at which point I woke up. Then a little later I dreamed I was touring a house somebody won on the Price is Right, for some reason. Pretty wide range there in imaginative dreaming.
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This week I got one book:

Runaways #9 (so Moore's run ends, a little weakly. Some good moments, some really off ones. Okay I guess, but I'm ready for a change).

Having a bit of trouble accessing my website through FTP so no fuller review for a while.

Work wasn't bad. Hungry now.
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This week I got one book:

Captain Britain and MI13 #12 (good, maybe a bit of unclear storytelling at times, but enjoyable)

Full reviews as usual at my comic reviews site for anyone interested.

In other news: Hah, Tahmoh Penikett is going to be in Sci-Fi's Riverworld retry. That guy's just in everything nowadays, isn't he? And to think, he was intended to be killed off in the opening miniseries. He's almost as lucky as Colm Meany (who went from a virtual extra on TNG to a recurring character to main cast in a spinoff and established himself as a character actor)
It looks like they're totally changing the storyline again. As I said, I was more enthused with the concept than the story itself, so I'm not in theory opposed, but the description given of the characters (the best part of the concept, being the ability to mix way different characters) leaves me a little cold.

Speaking of casting, Jackie Earl Haley, Rorschach, will be the next Freddy Kreuger. For those who don't know, Freddy was my pre-teen/teenage horror movie _exception_. That is, I didn't much care for horror movies, _except_ the Nightmare on Elm Streets (mainly because I was big into dreams in general and fell in love with #3 where they learned they could control their dreams to fight them). I think I've moved past it though, no real interest in seeing it except as an academic 'what'll they do with it' wondering.
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I'll start with TV. SCC was pretty good this week. I'm going to miss the series when it's gone, as I'm feeling is likely (but not officially confirmed yet, so I hope I'm wrong), despite the big, sudden events in this ep. Dollhouse has also been getting better. It's still nowhere near as good as any of Whedon's other shows, but I find myself watching it as opposed to leaving it on in the background while I do something else.

And found another episode of Prisoners of Gravity. I know none of you care but I do, helps me if I want to find a particular interview later.

This one's on Children in SF & Fantasy.

Part 1: General introduction, John Clute on stories about children and adolescents in general in SF and the SF as 'right of passage' (and the actual book by that title). Kristine-Kathryn Rusch on why SF has so few child characters compared to fantasy, the host lists some examples of kids in SF.
Part 2: (mostly) Kids in Fantasy. Mercedes Lackey on how much she draws on her own childhood to write kids, and the life of kids in medieval times. Robert Holdstock (the Bone Forest) on why he likes writing from the child's perspective, Jane Yolen on the difference between writing about children vs writing for children, and rules for writing for kids. Nancy Kress back on the topic of the lack of children in SF.
Part 3: Nancy Kress again on how having kids affected her view of the world. Other SF writers on how kids have affected their writing careers (Gwyneth Jones, Esther Friesner, Pat Cadigan). More general interview with Monica Hughes (of the Isis Trilogy): how she started writing SF for children, inspiration for the Isis Trilogy, and whether she feels she's competing with the more commercialized entertainment for children.

Speaking of children in SF/Fantasy, writing update. Really, it's mostly been slogging it again. I haven't felt particularly inspired about anything recently. However, while I was exhausted of writing one of the things I was writing on last, I still had words to write for the week and went to an old story, one of my longer unfinished novel-like works. Read more... )

Anyay, I think the reason I still have the lack of writing-excitedness is I'm still in my winter depression, despite the fact that it's spring. I don't really feel much like _anything_ except the occasional fancy that strikes me. You're supposed to go away now, thanks! Oh well, at least I seem to have shaken that cold (or series of colds) that've been dogging me for months.

And since this post is going to be using the canadiana tag anyway, just for an idle bit of fun. A number of my friends have mentioned the Law and Order: UK series. So, as is my wont, I began to think about Law and Order: Canada. So a Canadiana Challenge for any Canadians on my flist who want to participate (either in comments or your own journal). Cast a Law and Order Canada. The rules:
Read more... )

Finally, I think I'll talk about the biggest of my recent timesinks lately. As you may remember, I got a new new computer recently. Now, my old new computer was rather old, and so I couldn't really play much in the way of games on it (I still have my old old computer, but it's pretty much just for web browsing my favorite sites, writing, and e-mail). I think the newest (non flash or simple puzzle) game I played on it was Planescape Torment. Or maybe Black and White. Whichever was newest. But now I can actually play new games. And, as it turned out, my brother had a copy of Fallout 3. So, I've been playing that. It's a post apocalyptic semi-RPG, semi-shooter. And it's reasonably fun. I think I'm about halfway through the main quest, but there are so many side quests I keep getting distracted with. I'm playing Good, because, well, I find it hard to play evil. I even started a new character to play evil for a while and whenever I tried to choose the evil conversation options I thought, "I don't want to say that, that's mean!". Not to mention things like blowing up a whole town.
Anyway, the game is fun but there are some annoyances, like characters who you just finished talking to a few seconds ago, asking you if you're back from the assignment they _just_ sent you on. And unrealistic things like where you see something happening, go away, do something else for a few days of game time, come back, and the people you left are all pretty much doing the exact same thing, as though no time had passed for them. Which got me thinking. What if you made a game that made use of that failing as a game mechanic, much like Planescape: Torment did with dying and respawning. And continued thinking and came up with a general plot sketch:
Read more... ) In conclusion, I should totally write for video games!! Anyway, given that games play with time a lot, and how little I'm 'plugged in' to gaming news, I wouldn't be surprised if somebody already did something much like that. But it amused me anyway.

In comics, Marvel's announced Dark X-Men with a lineup of mostly people not usually in X-books, and continuing Marvel beating the adjective Dark into the ground. Personally, I'm waiting for Dark Runaways, with a returned Alex leading Topher (brought back to life for Dracula's war effort), Excavator, Penance/Hollow, and an alternate universe Squirrel Girl where she's a master thief who stole Doctor Doom's universe-travelling gear, her killer giant mutant squirrel Monkey Joe, and Mordred the Magician who's astrally inhabiting the body of Lotus, who accidentally summoned him. Or not. Anyway, although the lineup (of Dark X-Men) is kinda-sorta interesting in parts, I'm not bothering and can't wait until Marvel unDarks everything.

I think that's it for today. I do have a few memes saved up I need to get to but this is getting a bit long so I'll save them for a bit later.

Edit: Weird, while I was looking up the link to my review of Planescape: Torment, I stumbled on this post, from 2006, where (among other things), I relate a dream, that seems to be the general concept of (the most recent) New Warriors, combined with the title of Young X-Men. Marvel, are you reading my journal and stealing my ideas and making them crappier? Or reading my dreams?
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Warner Brothers announces 'Watchmen 2: Brave New World'

It had superheroes, sex, swearing, and political commentary. Many thought it would never get made at all. Now, although the film was initially touted as a single movie with no intended sequels or prequels, Warner Bros. has backtracked and announced, in light of the success of "Watchmen", even despite somewhat lukewarm BO performance in later weeks, there will in fact be a sequel, planned to hit theatres December 21st, 2012.

"I know nobody expected it," producer Lloyd Levin said, speaking at a press conference.
"The domestic box office totals didn't meet all of our expectations, but we expected that," he said with a laugh. "But the movie still did very well, one of the highest opening R-rated movies of all time, made a lot of money in the international market, and we anticipate it will do extraordinary business on DVD, so we had to consider where to go from there. We received a pitch that we just loved and think fans will love too. There's a story to be told here and clearly an audience for this kind of story. We look at the first Watchmen as sort of a loss-leader. Too many people already knew the story to make as big a splash as we wanted. So we build up all this hype and anticipation, get people excited about Watchmen, and then now we have a sequel coming. This one, fans won't be able to stay home from on the grounds that they already know what happens. They'll be drawn to the theatre by the mystery and the spectacle."

All of the actors in the original were signed for multiple movies, and they say many of them will be returning. "Yes," Levin added, "even Jackie Earl Haley, who was spectacular as Rorschach. He will be back, but perhaps not how you expect."

it gets worse )
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This week I got one books:

Runaways #8 (a few plotty issues, but actually more enjoyable than usual)

Full reviews as usual at my comic reviews site for anyone interested.

Speaking of Runaways, they announced the new creative team. With #11 (probably) it will be written by Kathryn Immonen, with art by Sara Pichelli. I've seen some of Pichelli's work before and thought it not bad, but never read any of Immonen. I'm willing to be cautiously optimistic. And hey, if Christina Strain stays on colors, that may be an all-female creative team (well, if you don't count letterers and maybe not inkers), which is kinda cool. Less thrilling is the spoilery hint about what would happen in that run. I'll just link to it, if you're interested. A few art samples there too, and looks much improved to me over recent efforts.

And yesterday was my birthday. Another year older and deeper in debt. Actually less deep in debt because I'm gradually paying off loans and still make more than I spend, but why quibble on details. Another year older and less likely to be happy, anyway. Ah well, another year down, X-1 left to go. As is my tradition, I do not have to accept my new age until the other half of my birthday, on Good Friday. Still, thanks to all those who wished me happy birthday, and to the rest of you, YOU ALL SUCK. J/K, really not that big a deal. If it was, I would have dropped hints regularly before it came.;)

Didn't actually do anything on my birthday, spent a quiet day at home. Last weekend I went to my grandmother's for a 'birthday dinner' which was quite nice, though. Roast beef, rice, scalloped potatoes, corn, and for desert, cheeeeeesecake tarts, some of which I took home and ate on my actual birthday. (I also got my traditional bag of salt and vinegar chips to devour).

In other news, apparently SF channel will be giving the Riverworld concept another go. I always loved the concept (even though the books themselves were only soso), and thought their first attempt at a movie was only okay, so I look forward to another try.
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This week I got two books:

Captain Britain and MI13 #11 (quite good, really enjoying the arc)

Full reviews as usual at my comic reviews site for anyone interested.

Also picked up at the used bookstore:

Book of the New Sun, the First Half of, by Gene Wolfe (since one half of the first half is a Nebula winner I haven't read)


Chasm City by Alastair Reynolds

Wasn't too thrilled with Revelation Space by Reynolds, but this was cheap and I'm running low on new reading material so I figured what the heck, I'll give him another chance.

Work was okay, showed up only a few minutes after I did and decent load. And of course, since I had comics to get and the weather was fairly nice, I got some good reading time in. The weather was fairly nice, as I just said, but very windy. Which did make it a bit challenging to read at times, but I managed, except at a few points (like going under a train bridge that seemed to become like a wind tunnel.

What else? Some quick TV thoughts... BSG's moving slow and with what, only a couple eps left, I really don't have confidence that they're going to end on a satisfactory note. I happened to see a little preview for Caprica that looked good, though, looking forward to that when it comes, even if I'll probably have to treat it as a completely separate entity from BSG. Lost's been enjoyable (but what? Not on tonight?). Terminator _finally_ came through with a pretty good ep after a few weeks of stinkers (I mean seriously, how many times do we need people to be hallucinating/dreaming major parts of the episode, or for there to be fear that that's going on?). Dollhouse continues to, uhm... 'be', I guess.

Morena Baccarin is cast in the V remake. You know, I almost think the only way to approach the series would be to... not even Battlestar Galactica it, because BSG remained pretty close, plotwise, just modernizing it and making one major change (adding secret human cylons). For V, I think the best way to do it would be to also reimagine it, but go one step furthur... just use the title V, and the premise of aliens landing and becoming public to the world, and forget the lame (I'll cut for spoilers just in case you never saw any of the original) Read more... ). Reimagine not just the plot but the whole nature of the aliens, make the threat (if there even is one) a new one. Anyway, we'll see, Morena Baccarin in it might make me at least give it a look. Aw, who am I fooling, I'm a sci-fi geek, I'd probably give it a look regardless.

Been having a fair number of 'back in high school' dreams, or 'meet somebody from high school' dreams lately. And they usually involve rather random people, people I wasn't particularly close with (or negative with), just people who's name/face I happen to remember. Shrug.

Depressed of course (tis the season), and not really feeling inspired to do writing (though I've been meeting my quotas, it's been fairly joyless). And I'm still very lightly sick. Can't seem to shake it. So, meh all around.
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Another Prisoners of Gravity ep, this time on Myths and Archetypes in comic books and speculative fiction.

Part 1: Charles deLint on including and playing with mythological material, and using obscure mythological names, Robert Sawyer on Golden Fleece and including/adapting certain themes from Greek mythology, Walt Simonson on Thor in Marvel comics, Chris Claremont on superheroes as modern mythology
Part 2: Neil Gaiman on Superman, Dave McKean and Grant Morrison (WITH HAIR!!) on Arkham Asylum and Batman, Clive Barker on whether there's a 'collective unconscious' of horror, Robert Hadji,
'horror expert', on Frankenstein's Monster, Matt Wagner on Grendel (the comic series)
Part 3: Charles deLint on Beowulf, and where fantasy authors get their ideas, Guy Gabriel Kay on Joseph Campbell's "Hero of a Thousand Faces", Candas Jane Dorsey on Star Trek as Modern Myth, Chris Claremont again on how the stories of the past/today become the myths of today/tomorrow (Brother Power: The Geek reference!).

In other news, as everyone probably already knows, [ profile] scans_daily was shut down. There's a new one over at InsaneJournal, where I'll be (had to create an account, but that also means I can use lots more icons, since you get 100 free there), and also a [ profile] noscans_daily here, but, I can't see myself following that one. End of an era, still.
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This week I got two books:

NYX: No Way Home #6 (of 6) (a bit of a mess, a conclusion that doesn't conclude)
Runaways #7 (a bit weak, maybe it's best Moore's leaving)

Full reviews as usual at my comic reviews site for anyone interested.

Also picked up at the bookstore, Queen of Candensce, by Karl Schroeder (Book 2 of Virga), and The Century of Science Fiction, a short story collection (it was in the 'books we want to get rid of so we'll price them really cheap' bin.

Work was okay, but it arrived just about the same time I did, and I had to do more, not only because we're in the busy season, but because one guy wasn't there and they asked me to do his part too.

I hate Roll Up the Rim.

And just heard that Philip Jose Farmer passed away at the age of 91. Enjoy the River, man.

I promised the story about how, on Monday, at 5:30 am I found myself helping a homeless woman steal back a bag of clothes. So, here it is! (It's not as entertaining as it sounds). Read more... )
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So, the computer's still doing well. Haven't got an IDE enclosure yet to attempt to restore my old data, but I'm making slow progress on getting my other stuff up to speed or better than up to speed. For example, now I don't need to watch TV, sitting in my uncomfortable chair with dollar store earphones in my ears! My old PC had an internal speaker that was good for watching, this one doesn't. Luckily my brother had recently upgraded his speakers (he's one of you 'tunie' freaks who listens to 'music' for 'pleasure', and so the quality matters to him... weirdos) and still had the old ones around. With some kajiggering that left me completely soundless for a while (oops), I managed to get 'em up and working.

So, what have I been watching lately? Well, the Dead Like Me direct to DVD sequel-movie "Life After Death", for one. (some spoilers)Read more... )

Wolverine and the X-Men wasn't bad this week, though a bit low on the funny. And a NM cameo!

Terminator... From what I understand, the show has slipped severely in the ratings its first week out on the Friday Death Slot, so I'm not optomistic about it surviving another year. And judging by the last couple eps, I'm not as broken up as I would. I dunno, the writing seems to be getting more and more stilted (spoilers ahoy) Read more... )

And speaking of Friday night deathslots, Dollhouse. Dollhouse, Dollhouse, Dollhouse. I'm not feeling it. It's slightly enjoyable. I mean, I think I could really dig a hypothetical third season where (slight spoilers and longer discussion of the show ahead)Read more... ) So I'm thinking this is a slight misfire for Joss. I _almost_ wish it gets cancelled so that he can move on to doing something else awesome. But I won't add any bad wishes to it. I'll still watch but I don't think it'll be must-see for me anymore.

BSG I'm still worried has lost the plot. They're at the stage where people seem to be changing their minds and allegiences suddenly for no good reason, and (spoilers for most recent) Read more... )

Lost has been fairly enjoyable... not super exciting, but good.

What's up other than TV? Not a whole lot. My Dad, who's been out of work about two months or so, got a new job that pays much more than his previous ones, + benefits, so that's nice.

Writing-wise I should be on a writing cycle this week, but since I lost my last weekend trying to sort out my computer and otherwise not being able to enjoy myself much until I got the new one, I'm taking this one off, from my normal metered writing at least. I find I need a certain amount of unproductiveness and I lost that. However, I'm not abandoning writing entirely, I've just decided to work on unproductive writing and dipping my toe into fanfic for the first time in quite a while. Specifically, Runaways fanfic (well, sorta a crossover), set between the Secret Invasion mini and the 1st issue of vol 3. I may not actually get past the outlining stage (since for some reason I can't write comic fanfic as prose, I have to structure it as though I'm actually writing a comic script), but at least unlike my other Runaways ideas (like the What I'd Do With one, even though my ideas have moved far beyond what I have in that one entry) it's unlikely my ideas can become incompatible with the real storylines, I can actually work on it slowly without the fear that I should chuck it all into the 'why bother, it's not even theoretically possible anymore' bin. Shrug.
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No comics today. Last issue of NYX hits today but I don't like it enough to take the big trip to the comic store. I'll grab it next week with Runaways

Work was okay, came only a few minutes after I did and was relatively light. Unfortunately, that meant again I barely got any reading done, thanks to the snow and/or rain that was constant on the walk there and back. The weather is seriously cramping my reading speed! Ah well.

Computer seems to be working well now that it's all set up. Last night I woke up in the middle of the night coughing and convinced that somehow I, personally, had become widescreen though. I'm sure that's normal and will pass.

Oh, and remember Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, the book that combines the text of Austen's novel with new passages setting it all during a zombie apocalypse? Well, apparently Austen mashups are in vogue now, because they're actually working on a movie called... "Pride and Predator". I don't know if the Predator in question is actually The Predator from the movies by that name, and if it isn't I suspect the name will have to be changed because of a lawsuit, but if it is, that would be awesome.
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This week I got one book:

Captain Britain and MI13 #10 (ahhh, enjoyable crack, should be a good start to the arc)

Full reviews as usual at my comic reviews site for anyone interested.

Work wasn't bad, wasn't too heavy and came on time. Like, right at time. By the time I got there it was starting to pull up. Which, unfortunately, meant that I didn't get any reading done today either. It was drizzily at best, rainy at worst on the walk to the comic store and from there to work, and no time to just chill before starting work, and still rainy on the way home. Ah well, it happens. Would have been a lovely day if not for the rain though, +13 or something.

On to Book Foo...

Finished: Wild Cards, Vol 7: Dead Man's Hand, by George R. R. Martin and John J. Miller (reread)
Started: Spin, by Robert Charles Wilson (reread)

Finished the last of my Wild Card reread, with this book, much of which runs concurrently with the last. Short version: Not bad. Minor spoilers behind the cut.
Read more... )

Finished: Olympos, by Dan Simmons (reread)
Started: Dune, by Frank Herbert (reread)

Comments behind the cut, some spoilers. Short version: More disappointing the second time around, and certain questionable plot elements do stand out.
Read more... ). Dune's next, felt it was time for a reread.

What else? The cat's being a little bit of a pest, always trying to sneak into my room. He used to do it only occasionally, but now it's pretty much every single time. I think he's decided that the laser pointer beast lives in my room, since that's how I always got him to get out from under my bed and so out of the room in the past.

A bit depressed, of course, but that's natural for me in the middle of winter. Kinda sucks though I don't really feel much like writing, so am kinda slogging it. And of course it's the most horrible week of the year, the one where all the media rubs it in your face that you're alone and will likely be so for the rest of your life. :P

It's also Computer Day and Monster Day coming up, but that's not enough to override that.
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This week I got one book:

Runaways #6 (bit of a weak end to the arc)

Full reviews as usual at my comic reviews site for anyone interested.

Work was okay, though late, however it (and the walk to the comic store) were a bit of a pain because of a snowstorm. It wasn't especially cold, and thankfully, at least most of the time, not especially slushy, but the snow was falling the whole time and meant I couldn't really read while walking. The snowstorm probably also contributed to the lateness at work.

Anyway, some random bits of news and such that may be of interest.

Kim Manners, director of a number of SF shows including X-Files and Supernatural (and in fact, who directed the recent SN episode "Family Remains" has died. RIP.

In TV news, NBC had greenlit a pilot for a new series, called Day One. It's described as a post-apocalyptic series after a global catastrophe destroys the world's infrastructure. Sounds like my kind of show. The writer of the pilot has worked on Heroes, Lost, and Alias. So that might be good or bad. He was one of the co-executive producers let go when NBC realized the Heroes ship was sinking and needed dramatic efforts to rescue it, though. I'll give it a chance, because, well, me-likey post-apocalypse.

ABC's greenlit a pilot for a remake of V, by one of the co-exec producers of The 4400. Also may or may not be worth a look.

Also, like Jane Austen? Like Zombie Apocalypses? Well, I have the book for you! It's a posthumous collaboration with Jane Austen is an upcoming novel, "Pride and Prejudice and Zombies". Yes, really. Apparently it combines actual text from the Austen novel with new material making a plot about a zombie uprising, making it a comedy of manners during a zombie apocalypse. I dunno, I kinda dig that kind of thing, at least in theory.

And if you're not sick of zombies yet, apparently there will be an upcoming horror-comedy Zombieland, starring Woody Harrelson, Emma Stone, and Abigail Breslyn.

And there's some more word on casting for the DW Specials this year, over at Gallifrey One's News Page, but I won't be specific because it may be spoilery to some.

Had a Supernatural episode in a dream. Not so much a dream about Supernatural, but actually a plot (albeit, not a complete one). Read more... )
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Let's start with Battlestar Galactica. I've come up with a theory about what's going on, and, since it will be spoilery for the newest eps, and theoretically if correct, might (but probably not) spoil upcoming stuff. Some of you may have heard some of this before.

Read more... )

On to cartoons. Over the weekend, I watched several (mostly because my net was down sunday morning but I had them already).

Wolverine and the X-Men, ep 14. Another Wolverine centered episode. Some interesting choices, and a smile now and then, but as always, I don't much care when he's the focus. Introduction of an expected character, too.

Hulk vs. Thor. This actually seemed more like an episode of a hypothetical, lost, Thor series than a true crossover. (minimal spoilers) Read more... )

And, Hulk vs. Wolverine. This one is supposedly a prequel to the Wolverine and the X-Men series. I'm not 100% sure it works (a few potential continuity blips). But really, it's only okay. (Some minor spoilers, characters that appear). Read more... ) If you do watch this, be sure to watch past the end of the credits.

And, the first Book Foo of 2009!

Finished: Wild Cards, Vol 6: Ace in the Hole, edited by George R. R. Martin (reread)
Started: Wild Cards, Vol 7: Dead Man's Hand, by George R. R. Martin and John J. Miller (reread)

Some brief comments on AitH behind the cut, some spoilers.
Read more... )
On to the last WC I'll probably be rereading (unless I happen to stumble across the next volume I haven't read, but that's unlikely)

Finished: Ilium, by Dan Simmons (reread)
Started: Olympos, by Dan Simmons (reread)

Minor spoilers (mostly back of the book stuff) in a few brief comments behind the cut. Read more... )

Oh, and an interesting trivia note you might not be aware of. Today, US President George W. Bush left office and President Barack Obama officially became the 44th President. "Former President George W. Bush"... that has a nice ring to it somehow.

Oh, and Marvel released its April Solicitations. Some quick thoughts:

Man, I know he's got a movie out, but 10 Wolverine books this month? That's just crazy.

Looks like the rumors of a new old-school New Mutants ongoing series is pretty much fact, because they're releasing "New Mutants Saga #1", one of those prose-recap-lets-get-you-up-to-speed-on-past-continuity-for-cheap issues that they often do right before a relaunch with some history. I might have to try that out, despite my lack of interest in mutant titles.

And really, the only surprise? A relaunched Exiles series, written by Jeff Parker. He's behind the First Class comics, and since I always liked Exiles basic idea, just couldn't stand to read it under certain authors, I might actually pick it up. The cast leaves a little to be desired, but in Exiles they can change quickly.

End of Ultimate Spider-Man... probably just for a relaunch. But really, the Ultimate universe died for me the day they assigned any of it to LOEB.

A new major event effecting every other title starting in the regular Spider-Man books? Please, I've had enough of your events. Unless it a) repowers mutants, or b) reverts the crap of BND, I'm not interested and am plugging my ears with my fingers and shouting la-la-la. (Okay, there's a c... adds oldschool New Universe characters to the MU proper. But that's like a million to one shot).

Dark Reign: The Cabal? Eegads, that means in my imaginary Runaways fanon universe I toy with from time to time I can't use the Cabal as the name of the new villain group that wants to take over the Pride's territory! Damn you Marvel for messing up with my imaginary runs. I suppose I'll have to ignore you!

Moore's last issue on Runaways, hope they announce a new creative team, and a good creative team, soon. Maybe Jeff Parker might be an idea, he seems capable of multiple titles and I've liked what I've seen of him short term in Scans of hisbooks.


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