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Bah, I had most of this written up but a power blip made me lose it. Die power blips, die!

Okay, let's start out with more questions from that interview meme, these ones from [ profile] monkeykong...

1. You keep a fictional 'alternate journal.' What drove you to writing that story in this format as opposed to, say, a novel? Read more... )
2. Least favourite Firefly character? Why? Read more... )
3. In the imminent zombie holocaust, how long do you think you would last? Read more... )
4. What would your super hero costume be like? Read more... )
5. Would you rather be a cult icon or a worldwide superstar? Read more... )

Remember, if you want questions from me, post here.

Book Foo:

Finished: The Rise of Endymion by Dan Simmons (Reread)
Started: Rainbows End by Vernor Vinge

Thoughts (some spoilers), selected quotes, and thoughts springing off from the quotes behind the cut.
Read more... )

Moving on to Dream Foo!

One a cracky crossover with The Office, Doctor Who, Stargate Atlantis, and Runaways. Another is book foo related.
Read more... )

On my floor, which is wood-panelled, there are a few dark spots, looking like burns or whatever, slightly ovalshaped. There's a big cluster of them in a spot that I don't see on a regular basis, but will occasionally see. Sometimes if I'm not paying attention or I see them when my eyes are a bit blurry or in the middle of focusing, spotting them sets off my OMG BUGS! reflexive reaction before I realize/remember what they are.

Heroes tonight, woot! (That's a general woot, not a comment directed at [ profile] woot, unless she's also interested, in which case it serves both purposes) Bit of a shame Drive got cancelled, but I can't be too upset, I was only partway interested in it. Enough to keep watching, but not enough to be broken up at it being cancelled.

I've noticed while looking through some LJ entries (and adding tags to a bunch) from long ago year that I write a lot less now than 2 years ago. Huh. I suppose at least part of that is that I save up stuff to do in megaposts like this rather than posting every time I get the urge, though.

I think as of this entry I will be resuming my old habit of choosing my mood completely randomly, regardless of my current mood. Because you people already see too much into my psyche for my tastes! Also, because if I use my real moods I only get to use a few of my mood icons, and, well, that's not as much fun.
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All the news that's fit to print but that has nothing to do with reality!

PerExWriMo update: Going more or less on pace, Read more... )

Word count is about 13.5k (that is, total for PerEXWriMo, rather than the particular story I'm on now, which is just over 6k).

Dream Foo: Read more... )

TV: Lessee, Lost, Battlestar Galactica, Veronica Mars, Grey's Anatomy, Heroes, Torchwood.

Minor spoilers for the latest episodes, but nothing too big I think.
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Book Foo!
Finished: When Gravity Fails, by George Alec Effinger

For those not aware (or paying attention if I described it in a previous post), WGF is a cyberpunk crossed with a noir detective book about a guy in an Arabic ghetto who has to track down a murderer.

Overall, I quite enjoyed it. Read more... )
Started: Ilium, by Dan Simmons

About the Trojan war reinacted on Mars by gods, AIs, and a decadent post-human society.

And of course, Still Reading: Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, by J.K. Rowling (Wednesdays, should be finished this week).
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First up, Dream Foo! Read more... )

Spoiler-light TV bits: Veronica Mars, Grey's Anatomy, Heroes, Battlestar Galactica, Lost, Torchwood
Read more... )

I created my very first Wikipedia page this weekend. I've done some minor edits before, but this is the first time I've created a whole page. It will no doubt interest nobody on my friends list, of course. Anyway, what happened was, while I was rereading the Grainger/Hooded Swan books, I did a wiki search for it, like I tend to do for most series I read. Only to come up empty. Not only has barely anybody I talk to heard of it, nobody'd created a page for it. So, I did. I'll probably be adding a little more to it as time goes on. It's an interesting feeling, adding to the sum total of human knowledge on the internet. And the editing was remarkably easy, I've never actually looked into how to edit a wiki before a couple weeks ago. I'll probably be doing more of it when I see something that needs doing. I'm a wikiconvert!

Speaking of writing (but from another angle), I don't think I'm going to do NaNoWriMo. Can't come up with a plot I want to use on it, and I don't want to 'waste' any of the plots I've got stored up on it (I put waste in quotes because I don't technically think it's a waste, but I fear that if I do the style of writing NaNo requires and it sucks I won't be able to write the story again. If I'm to do it, I need a plot that I can feel good using only for it). Also the time issue is a worry. I don't really feel up to writing on days that I work, so that means I'd have to extra load it on the other days, and all that in addition to doing things like my [ profile] alternaljournal which is certainly a type of writing, but wouldn't count towards words.

Ehh. Anyway, to do my best to keep the spirit of NaNoWriMo, I'm going to resolve to do the following (whether I actually do it is another matter, but I'll resolve it here and either do it or fess up to not doing it): Read more... )

Apparently we're getting pretty close to being able to play our first Cybergeneration (tabletop) game, so that should be cool.

Now, let's see, is there anything actually new in my life, as opposed to the various ways I escape reality?... Hmmm, nope, not really that I can think of. But then, why would it? About the only chance I have to meet anyone new would be either at work or in chance encounters. And, well, why not, some social interaction to report: Read more... )
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So, on Saturday I went to a wedding. Read more... )

As mentioned above, my roommates and I have been seriously talking about getting another RPG game going. Read more... )

Prison Break, Heroes, and 4400 tonight. Woot. (No, not you [ profile] woot, just a general woot).

This morning I've been idly considering trying NaNoWriMo 'officially' for the first time, since I don't have school or XET to worry about this November. Normally I just sort of promised to myself that I'd try to write a little more that month. Well, technically speaking I probably still wouldn't be 'official' since I loathe signing up for things, but that I'd actually be trying to do a 50,000 word novel rather than having no specific goal and just continuing to add a little here and there to my short stories or longer term projects. Of course, I still have my [ profile] alternaljournal to keep up with and November I plan to be a 'mission month', so I'd have to be writing more of that too, to keep up, and that would take time from and not contribute to my hypothetical NaNoWriMo. Hmm. Well, I'll think about it some more.

Oh, and for anyone still wondering - that convention I went to back a month ago where I met Morena Baccarin and theoretically took her picture? Yeah, there'll be no pictures forthcoming, somehow the camera lost all of them (see, I always said my face would break any cameras!). Ah well.
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Today is my one year alterniversary. One year ago today, I started my [ profile] alternaljournal, my own little fictional journal detailing a sudden transportation into another world, and all that followed.
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Had a dream last night, but most of it's gone. Think it involved some kind of kidnapping.. I wasn't kidnapped nor a kidnapper, it was just something in the area (maybe it was someone I was supposed to be looking out for?), but I can't remember too much.

Comic day today. X-Factor out, that's the big one I'm looking forward to, but a couple things worth getting. Oh, and for those who haven't seen them, Marvel solicits for March (text only), and DC solicits for March. DC I'm down to 2 books it looks like, while there's plenty in Marvel I'll still be getting, including the New Universe nostalgiafest.

Also have to do a quick bit of Holidaymas shopping today (I'm calling it that as a deliberate snub to this whole silly War on Christmas thing that's somehow getting newsplay).

In other news, woo, place to myself today, as brother and his girlfriend are going up to Sudbury to visit with some of her family. Just a day or two by myself (well, and the cat, who I'm charged with taking care of), but still, it's rare I get a chance for some complete solitude anymore for any long period of time.

Now, party at my place! ;)
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Had a couple of them... Lost cameoed in some, as did for some reason Friends, and completely obsessed with the word 'shelliac'. Oh, and also (I think) my first [ profile] alternaljournal dream.
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I've scheduled myself a little break with my [ profile] alternaljournal so I can work a bit on other stuff and plan ahead. Read more... )

I know nothing about cooking. But I've always wanted to learn how to cook. And sometimes I think I could be good at it, particularly making new delicious creations. The problem is I can never start because I don't want anyone to _know_ I'm learning, and I don't live alone. Ah well.

I read this BoingBoing article yesterday and realized... things that are 'ultra-exclusive' annoy the hell out of me. I suppose to some extent I, along with lots of people, sort of belong to 'exclusive clubs' based on one idea or another, but it's ones that base on being 'cool' or who you happen to know, that I can't stand, and the idea of 'invite only'. I hope it's not just jealousy and that I wouldn't belong to one even if invited, but I have to admit I'm not at all cool and am not really good at making friends, so it may be a factor. Probably is most of it, really, and I'm just a hypocrite at heart.

Ever since I did my WIDW where I designed my own ideal afterlife, I occasionally find myself thinking about something I'd want to do but know, for whatever reason, it's impossible, and, when I want to get myself off that train of thought, telling myself, "Well, I'll just add it to my list of things to do in my afterlife." Read more... )

Oh yeah, speaking of owning spaceships (see! Segue!), someone go and make a Firefly MUSH, statless and traits-based with no canon characters playable and get it all set up so I can get in on the ground floor and play without having to do anything more than app. Get started on it, someone! ;)

Dream Foo: Runaways related Read more... )

Dream Foo

Apr. 12th, 2005 07:31 am
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Weird ones, involving time travel, and plots to destroy humanity or something.
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Dream Foo

Mar. 12th, 2005 04:54 am
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About 3 dreams.
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Dec. 14th, 2004 03:53 pm
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I had my exam today. So, now, I am officially done with school. No more, in the forseeable future. Time to join the real world. Sadly, there was no Twilight Zone twist to have me wind up in another dimension like my [ profile] alternaljournal would have had me, but hey, that's what the [ profile] alternaljournal is for, anyway. Today's been made the starting day.

Now that I'm done home, I've done the ceremonial lightening of the load, to symbolically match up with the metaphorical lightening of my load. Cleared out all the heavy papers and books from my bag, and extraneous junk I don't want to carry around in it any more.

Since I'm done, will try to actually do more newsly stuff on my site, rather than just the reviews. Of course, Xmas shopping and work will still be eating into my time some, but ah well. It's nice to not to have to worry about failing in a specific sense. The general overall worry about failing in life is still there of course, but that's expected. I don't have to fear that I'll screw up a test or not get an assignment done in time or well enough. It's nice.


Nov. 26th, 2004 10:17 am
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So, in the course I'm taking, which should be the last course of the year, as I've mentioned before, my main worry has been my mark on my assignments. If you don't get a passing average on your assignments (which only make up 30% of your total mark), you fail, no matter what. I've been getting A average on the tests so far, so I'm not worried on that area of the mark... but I've always been worried about the assignments. Because I hatehatehatehatehate Eiffel, the language we're using, and can't work up the energy to do more than a half-assed job on them. The first assignment I got C... not healthy, but better than I expected. The second assignment, I was worried about, I thought I'd get C at best, significantly lower at worst. Just checked the marks online - I somehow got a B. I've done the math... what this means is that my last assignment, even if I get a 0 on it, will not make me fail. The only thing that could make me fail is a really bad exam mark, but I'm not worried on that.

So, I still have to do my last assignment. But I can do it stress free, and continue to not use my whole ass.

Oh, and in other minor points, Dream Foo (nothing interesting)...
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And AlternalJournalFoo
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Had a test today, think I did okay on it... at least it's over with anyway. This leaves me with two things left... the final exam, and one assignment.

Also finished the Drawing of the Three, by Stephen King, and I liked it a lot... will try to post a review up on The Unreachable Star this weekend.

Now just Alternaljournal foo
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Dream last night, of the somewhat relationshippy but more like a bad teen drama anyway.
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I've mentioned before that sometimes do what I call ego-writing... writing stories where I, (or occasionally a thinly veiled version of me but with the name and a couple minor details changed) am in some wild situation: aliens, super powers, post-apocalypses, etc, to both entertain myself and practice a bit of writing even though it's not meant to lead to anywhere professional.

One of the things I've considered doing recently is trying it as a journal.
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