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Book Foo to start off with:

Finished: The Science Fiction Century, Vol 1(short story collection)
Started: Blindsight, by Peter Watts (reread)

Like all short story collections there's a mix of good and rather dull, and stories I've read before of each. This one had a bit of a focus on much older material of the HG Wells/Jack London eras (though there's plenty of new material too). There was even a non-Lovecraft Lovecraftian story (The Hounds of Tindalos). I read all of them, even the rereads, with the exception of E.M. Forster's "The Machine Stops" which I've read SO MANY times in school alone that I just can't bear it any more.
(minor concept related spoilers behind cut, no biggies).

Read more... ) Anyway, probably a bit less of the 'good' to 'less interesting' ratio in this collection, but I didn't hate it.

Finished: Nineteen Eighty-Four, by George Orwell (reread)

Can't really comment on this one since I've read it so many times, it's like visiting an old friend. One who kicks you in the gut to say goodbye, but nonetheless!

Started and Finished: Rainbows End, by Vernor Vinge
Started: Eon, by Greg Bear (reread, but long enough ago that I can barely remember anything but the back of the book premise)

Rainbows End was a reread, so no need to get too detailed about the thoughts, but once again I really like the near future technological gadgetry that you can almost believe is just around the corner.

Had some memorable dreams lately, although a few of them have faded from memory, I still wanna record them. So, behind the cut, Zombies (with guest appearance by Zombie Flash), The Avatarverse, and bio-forming. Read more... )
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Finished: Wild Cards, Vol 2: Aces High, edited by George R. R. Martin
Started: Wild Cards, Vol 3: Jokers Wild, edited by George R. R. Martin

So, Wild Cards 2, another 'mosaic novel'. This one though has a more cohesive plot. Whereas the first one was telling the broad story of the world in the 40 years since the Wild Card virus was released (through individual tales), this one has different writers tackling the same basic story. How does it work? Not bad, but I preferred the first book. (Minor spoilers behind the cut, mostly plot-based, plus some longer thoughts on some of the characters I enjoy).
Read more... )

Finished: The Hand of Oberon, by Roger Zelazny (reread)
Started: The Courts of Chaos, by Roger Zelazny (reread)

So yeah, reaching the point in the series where I'm getting a little bored with it. (Very minor spoilers beyond) Read more... ) And we're on to the last book now.

Anything else to report? I don't think so. I think I'm coming down with a cold again, very slowly and still with a chance of fighting it off. We'll see. Still writing but it's getting to be a bit of a slog. Haven't checked out Brave and the Bold the new DCU cartoon yet, but eventually maybe. TV-wise, things have been a bit meh. Terminator _almost_ turned in one of their more kickass episodes, but they ruined too much of the awesome with the way they told the story and it turned out only okay.
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This week I got two books:

NYX: No Way Home #2 (okay, I'll probably continue reading)
Secret Invasion: Runaways/Young Avengers #3 (okay, but didn't give me what I wanted from the mini)

Full reviews as usual at my comic reviews site for anyone interested.

Work wasn't bad, on time and finished quickly. And on the way home, hit the used bookstores and lucked out twice. Got Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince hardcover for only $2.99 (looks like it was once wet and so technically more 'damaged' than the normal copies, but everything's still readable so what do I care?) and Permanence, by Karl Schroeder for $1.99.

So, some quick TV foo... Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles was kickass. Unfortunately it looks like the ratings for the premiere weren't so good. Hope it picks up because cancellation would make me very disappointed.

Meanwhile, Fringe... well, it was okay. I liked it enough to keep watching, but it didn't wow me. People keep making X-Files comparisons but really, I don't get it, aside from one character being an FBI agent and that they're investigating 'weird stuff'. It doesn't have the same dynamic, focus, or character types as X-Files, and especially since the FBI agent is probably going to be working for the DHS. If anything, it actually reminded me more of a Delta Green series than X-Files... except, inferior to what an actual Delta Green series would be, at least in my head. But if Cthulhu turns out to be behind everything in Fringe, I won't be terribly disappointed. :)
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I claimed the whole weekend in the name of me, because I got ripped off this year due to Easter. Still, it was a rather lame weekend, even ignoring the general depression of the day itself.

Saturday did the family thing, though not for me, it was for Easter. And, well, the food wasn't bad, but it was still several hours sitting around mostly with people I don't know very well if at all, along with a few very noisy kids running around all the time.

Otherwise, it was like pretty much any other weekend, except with the added inconvenience of the stores being closed two days. (Though it did have one pleasant side-effect.. had to run to the gas station to get something since the grocery stores weren't open, and I noticed they have flavours of Mr. Noodles they don't have in any of the grocery stores near me... Pork, and Creamy Chicken. Tried Creamy Chicken, it was okay but I still prefer Curry Chicken, but still, cool for finding a new flavour.)

It occurs to me, that since virtually everything you can't classify supposedly tastes like "chicken", then "artificial chicken flavour" in a list of ingredients is spectacularly unhelpful and unspecific. Crocodile meat supposedly tastes like chicken, so theoretically artificial chicken flavour could be from crocodile meat. THINK ABOUT IT. Or not.

Let's see, what else is new?

I've decided that I'm going to boycott the 2008 Olympics. Not because of what's happening in Tibet, I just think the Olympics are really lame.

Finally got around to making this icon. Not quite as good as the other one since I had to pull from various sources, but still relatively pleased with it.

Oh, and I finally got around to watching The Mist, the adaptation of one of my favorite Stephen King short stories (well, novellas). So how was it? Generally, it was an excellent adaptation of the novella, faithful in almost everything but the ending. So we'll talk about the ending. (Major spoilers, of course, for both the book and movie).
Read more... )
In general the effects were good but some of the monsters looked too obviously CGI, and I might have preferred a bit more use of practical effects vs CGI - like the loading dock sequence, and I would have liked a closer look at the a certain large creature (particularly the novel's description of the bugs hanging off it).

Oh, and the Mist, either the novella or the movie always reminds me of XET now, since I ripped off the idea for the Rutland TP, so I'm all nostalgic again.
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Since I forgot earlier, a Happy Channukah to anyone on my flist that celebrates it.

Happened to be watching an episode of Threshold on TV. You know, that show from a few years back, only lasted one season, about alien invasion of Earth and the government bringing into action it's pre-emptively designed plan just in case something like that happened? Such a mixed bag, I loved the general idea of the government's contingency plan for alien contact being brought into force, and some of the cast was great, but I didn't much care for the main plot, which seemed rather generic. I really kinda wish there'd be another series that dealt a little more seriously with mankind's first contact with aliens. Not necessarily as an "OMG they're invading, we must stop", but say the discovery of some ship, the attempts at contact. I know that sounds relatively boring for a series, but I think the secret there would to have it almost be as a sideline, the plot being about the characters. A bit like LOST, actually - in LOST, yes, there's a big Mystery about the Island, but that crawls along almost at a snail's pace, and instead we're dealing mostly with the interactions among a bunch of characters, and their backstories, etc, and the more day to day issues of surviving on the island. I'd like to see a similar approach, where it'd almost be like, say, The West Wing, except that instead of political maneuvering on the sidelines, there's the dealing with the alien stuff as it comes up (I suppose you could do a similar idea with the Singularity, which would be cool to see too). Which reminds me of my earlier wish that the last season of the West Wing dealt with first contact with an alien race. Or I'd love it if, when 24 finally goes off the air, the last season Jack Bauer deals with an alien invasion. That would be awesome. Because really, by that point, what do they have to lose? It's the last season. Might as well make it fun!

In other news, my copy of Delta Green: Eyes Only arrived today, so yay. Once I finish it I might even, just for the sake of fun, do a sort of retroactive XET Diaries post about what (if any) plot ideas I might have had/used based on it if the game was still around today.

And is it a bad idea to torture a robot while it simulates screaming in pain? (the debate's mostly in the comments).
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Here we go... 4 100 word short horror stories, for Halloween.

The Biography of King Earl

A good biographer can capture a subject's soul in a few words. So can an evil sorcerer. It doesn't take many. One hundred will do the job, contain all that is or was about a man.

The worst part is, in a really good spell, the words come to overwrite reality. The subject is removed from history, eternally tortured by cramped spaces and a lack of detail. His deeds go unremembered, and even the sorcerer can't remember his reason. The poor man hasn't even been given a face.

Once a glorious king, his palace is much smaller now. One story.


IM Worried

Marybear11 (09:45:15PM): I miss u.
Bi++erPhi1 (09:46:03PM): U 2. How r the kids?
Marybear11 (09:46:35PM): Asleep.
Bi++erPhi1 (09:46:43PM): No problems?
Marybear11 (09:47:02PM): Not with them. Scary being here alone, tho.
Bi++erPhi1 (09:47:24PM): Scaredy cat.
Marybear11 (09:47:54PM): Serious, its creepy. I keep thinking someone's watching.
Bi++erPhi1 (09:48:26PM): You say that every time.
Marybear11 (09:48:57PM): Worse this time, probably cuz of what happened at work.
Bi++erPhi1 (09:49:19PM): he'll cool off
Marybear11 (09:49:31PM): hope so
Bi++erPhi1 (09:50:01PM): *hug* I'll be back tomorrow.
Marybear11 (09:50:29PM): can't wait. Brb, doorbell
Bi++erPhi1 (09:56:28PM): u back yet?
Bi++erPhi1 (09:59:52PM): Mary?
Bi++erPhi1 (10:13:14PM): U there?
Bi++erPhi1 (11:11:39PM): ...hello?

(Author's note: I consider each timestamp 1 word and each namestamp likewise 1 word)

There's Something Outside

There's Something outside, and it wants in. I'm afraid. I'm not sure why. Maybe It's benign, only curious about us. But maybe It's malevolent, and wants to hurt us.

I didn't expect this when I decided to sleep under the stars. I thought I was outside. I didn't know then that every outside is inside somewhere else. I fell asleep by the campfire, and awoke to the sound of Something scrabbling, pushing against the walls of what I thought was everything. Now I want that damn axe, before It breaks through.

There's Something Outside, and oh, god, it's coming In!


The last one I actually wrote last year, but I figured I'd include it for the theme's sake...

The Stars Were Right

They always said Millie and I were each other's destiny, but something was always in the way.

Then it finally happened. The stars aligned. We were both single.

That night was perfect until we woke and saw that thing rising from the ocean.

Now, like most, she does little besides cannibalism, screwing, and killing, indiscriminately, and yelling "Ia! Ia Cthulhu!"

I fake it, to take care of her, but she knows. We're growing apart.

It's sad to discover two people so in love can't manage to go mad together. And to think, she always said I was the impractical one.


(See here for copyright/Creative Commons info)

Edit: [ profile] occamsnailfile also has wrote some 100 word short horror stories here. They're quite good, you should check them out.
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Okay, so I've finished and edited (at least to the degree I was able with the time I had) my latest workshop submission, this one involving Public Domain Characters. As is my policy, I've posted it for all. There were two versions - the full version (about 10,000 words), which was the story I wanted to write, and the shorter, condensed version (about a third of that), since the workshop assignment did say to try and keep it brief.

So, here for the first time, Steampunk Allie and the Omniscope (full version)

Steampunk Allie and the Omniscope (reader's digest version).

In other news, silly but vaguely amusing: Calls for Cthulhu.

Edit: Ooh.. the trailer for The Mist is out... Looking relatively faithful to the story from the clips shown.
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So, somewhere in the next two to three weeks, the server on which X-Men: End Times was hosted will be going away. Because it is an ex-game, and not really used much as a hangout spot anymore, there's not really much point to me scrambling to find another place to host it (especially if it would cost money). As such, this is likely the end.

Any former players on my flist, if you want to come on to @decompile, grab any other useful information, do one last bout of future-set RP with those character, or even just say goodbye, do so before August 23 - it might be up for a few days after that, but I'm told it'll go down sometime between Aug 23 and one week later. I'll be attempting to get a copy of the DB, but I don't know if or when I'll be able to set it up to get into it, so don't count on it. I don't know if people'd be interested in setting up a time for one last online get together on it, but it's an option.

I've of course been holding fort on it, more out of tradition than anything else. So if anyone does want to get in contact with me, well, of course you're reading this journal, so that's easy. But if you want a live-er connection, I have IMing info in my profile, and actually am connected to them on a regular basis now.

Also much thanks to our sitewiz who was able and willing to host us for so long, even after we ceased being a game.

(Oh, and though I doubt any of you are out there on my flist, anyone who was on the old Children of the Atom, that's going too. I don't know what other games were hosted there, but presumably the same thing's happening).

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So, that Writing Workshop thing in one of my forums is ongoing. Assignment #2 was "A Winter's Tale of Horror", with the challenge of writing a complete story (as opposed to just the first X Pages like the first assignment) with horror elements, set in winter, with a limit of 5 pages prose (other limits for other types). (click the link to see the thread where other submissions go).

I actually finished most of it last week - the deadline was extended, which was nice because I didn't really write any when I hurt my back so if it hadn't it would have been a completely unedited version I posted, and in the last week I thought of some improvements to the base story too.

Anyway, since the whole point of the workshop exercise is to actually post my writing, rather than my usual tendency of keeping it to myself at least until I've submitted it to for-pay markets, I'm simulposting here. Well, not here specifically, but the link is going here. So, for anyone who might be interested, I give you...

Hibernation Cycle.
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This week I'm got four books:

Cable & Deadpool #40 (Meh, felt like I just walked into part 2 of a crossover, didn't do anything for me)
Ultimate X-Men #82 (okay, not all that thrilled with the Morlocks here)
Ultimates 2 #13 (My pick of the week, just barely, though it took long enough to get here and probably wasn't worth the extra wait)
X-Factor #19 (okay, but the arc's falling a little flat for me oddly)

Full reviews up as usual at my comic reviews site for anyone interested.

At the used bookstore, I picked up "Miles, Mystery, and Mayhem", by Lois McMaster Bujold, which collects two of the Vorkosigan Novels I've yet to read (Ceteganda and Ethan of Athos), as well as a short story. So, I figured why not.

For lunch I had a gypsy salami sandwich with jalapenos.

Work was okay, bit heavy.

Walk was okay... rainy and a bit painful but not as much as last week, because I fixed my shoe. And I feel like a real man, because I used duct tape to do it (don't worry, the duct tape isn't visible outside the shoe). And, as usual, walking helps clear the writing plotbunnies, and in this case helped me come up with a solution to one of the
sticking points to one of the stories I'm working on. Not 100% sure if I want to use it, but it's better than anything else I've thought of so far.

Discovered that Saw IV is apparently filming part in a set of warehouses right next to my work. Either that, or someone lost an IV and they're interested in anyone who saw it to follow an arrow inside.

Oh, I don't normally order things off the net, but I did yesterday. A small handful of my flist might also be interested. Delta Green, one of the behind-the-scenes theme inclusions on XET, has become an interesting little setting that i've grown fond of even past XET. I'm not sure I'll ever play it, but I liked reading it. Well, anyway, aside from the two core books (Delta Green and Delta Green: Countdown), there were three 'chapbooks' of info, one on the Fate, one on the Mi-Go, and one on a time travel experiment gone horribly wrong. They were sold mail order, and were out of print by the time I got into it, fetching horrendously high prices on Ebay and such. Well, _finally_, Pagan Publishing collected the three chapbooks into one hardcover (along with a few new adventures).

They're selling it in a limited run of 1000 copies, sold online. So, I figured I'd bite the bullet and buy it. If you're one of the few people I know who also liked the system, you can buy it here (you can also buy a lot of other books there, but I just wanted this).
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Haven't posted much aside from typical comic stuff and dreams. The New Year tends to be the start of a slightly more depressive and isolated mood, so once again, if I'm less talkative than usual, that's probably why. It's not you, it's probably just SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder or whatever).

Book Foo! Finished: Cell, by Stephen King
Started: Big Planet, by Jack Vance

Enjoyed Cell. Like a lot of Stephen King novels, it fell down a bit towards the end, but it was a fun ride. I actually think it's one of my favorites of his. And it was inevitable for me to read it. I can resist a new Stephen King novel. I can resist a 'zombie apocalypse' novel. But put the two together, and I have to read it.

A little more detailed and spoilery thoughts behind the cut (though not terribly spoilery still), along with a selected quote.
Read more... )

Anyway, moving on, the book also inspired me to start on my own Great Canadian Zombie Apocalypse Novel! I was walking the other day and was idly thinking about different variations on the zombie apocalypse, how King had a neat one in terms of cause, and so my mind wandered towards what I'd do, and I came up with an idea I liked. Like King, it's not truly 'zombies' and affects a large number of people all over the world at once, but the cause, effects, and who gets chosen vary. That's about all I'll say on it.

Speaking of writing though, I'm back on the horse. After PerExWriMo I decided to take December off and start wrting again in January. Of course, since I hate New Years Resolutions, I couldn't actually start on the first of January. I decided to wait a week. Well, a little more, actually.

Anyway, here's the plan: Read more... )Walking helps the plotbunnies.

Speaking of that walk, won't go into why, but I got to thinking about Copyright and the Public Domain again. I've mentioned before that eventually, if I became a famous author (yes, I realize that's nearly as unlikely as my 'if I ever got superpowers' imaginings, but bear with me), I'd want to donate a good deal of my work into the public domain so anybody could use it any way they wanted.

Yesterday, though, I thought about (probably not for the first time, but I'm not sure) specifically setting out as a project to create something for the public domain. Maybe alone, maybe collaboratively. Like, for example, Read more... )

I think I have some memes to do, too. Alphabet Meme, stolen from [ profile] soleta_nf...
Read more... )

Do I have any TV foo to do? I don't think so. Nothing's really been new. Torchwood finale sucked, btw, I'm done with the show. New Grey's Anatomy tonight though.
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I don't normally post my writings, I guess some level of fear for me to put my stuff out there. But, I did this one last night... it's another of those 'exactly 100 word' stories/drabbles.

Read more... )

That's my last post for today, probably, I've spammed my flist enough. ;)

(oh, and the icon should not be construed to imply that you should hold your tongues, I just felt in the mood to make my random icons into Prisoner Signage)
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First up, Dream Foo! Read more... )

Spoiler-light TV bits: Veronica Mars, Grey's Anatomy, Heroes, Battlestar Galactica, Lost, Torchwood
Read more... )

I created my very first Wikipedia page this weekend. I've done some minor edits before, but this is the first time I've created a whole page. It will no doubt interest nobody on my friends list, of course. Anyway, what happened was, while I was rereading the Grainger/Hooded Swan books, I did a wiki search for it, like I tend to do for most series I read. Only to come up empty. Not only has barely anybody I talk to heard of it, nobody'd created a page for it. So, I did. I'll probably be adding a little more to it as time goes on. It's an interesting feeling, adding to the sum total of human knowledge on the internet. And the editing was remarkably easy, I've never actually looked into how to edit a wiki before a couple weeks ago. I'll probably be doing more of it when I see something that needs doing. I'm a wikiconvert!

Speaking of writing (but from another angle), I don't think I'm going to do NaNoWriMo. Can't come up with a plot I want to use on it, and I don't want to 'waste' any of the plots I've got stored up on it (I put waste in quotes because I don't technically think it's a waste, but I fear that if I do the style of writing NaNo requires and it sucks I won't be able to write the story again. If I'm to do it, I need a plot that I can feel good using only for it). Also the time issue is a worry. I don't really feel up to writing on days that I work, so that means I'd have to extra load it on the other days, and all that in addition to doing things like my [ profile] alternaljournal which is certainly a type of writing, but wouldn't count towards words.

Ehh. Anyway, to do my best to keep the spirit of NaNoWriMo, I'm going to resolve to do the following (whether I actually do it is another matter, but I'll resolve it here and either do it or fess up to not doing it): Read more... )

Apparently we're getting pretty close to being able to play our first Cybergeneration (tabletop) game, so that should be cool.

Now, let's see, is there anything actually new in my life, as opposed to the various ways I escape reality?... Hmmm, nope, not really that I can think of. But then, why would it? About the only chance I have to meet anyone new would be either at work or in chance encounters. And, well, why not, some social interaction to report: Read more... )
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This is how it works: Comment on this entry and I will give you a letter. Write ten words beginning with that letter in your journal, including an explanation of what the word means to you and why, and then pass out letters to those who want to play along.

I was given 'C' by [ profile] bachicka, so here we go... behind the cut: Canada, Comics, Christopher, Chase/Gert, Chips, Cthulhu, Creativity, Cosmology, Cheese, and Colbert!
Read more... )
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[ profile] legionfalcon should appreciate this, and possibly [ profile] lyssachan too...

This has a new game, Insylum, a RPG apparently set in a Hastur-infected insane asylum, available for free in PDF format, written by the guy who wrote the Hastur stuff for Delta Green.
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I have figured out the secret behind Lost! (Wow, that's a messed up show. Some spoilers below for tonight's episode)

Read more... )
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In the spirit of Shaun of the Dead...

Paul of Cthulhu!

The stars are right, and Cthulhu is rising... and the only one who can stop him is Paul, hapless loser!

Well, maybe not 'stop' so much as 'get stepped on by'. And maybe not 'the only one' so much as 'one of many'.

I know, dumb. ;)
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This time, with Cthulhu-tastic flavour!
Read more... )
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I'm sure you're all aware that the risk of an outbreak of zombies is at an all time high. Don't fret:

Edit: Also, just for fun:
A Cthulhu Action Figure!


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