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Damn, just heard that the local Tori Stafford case was solved and, well, it's the worst case scenario. Man. I was kinda hoping, since it was presumed that a woman led her away, that it was one of those freaky, "I want my own kid" situations, which is good in the sense that the kid may be treated okay or maybe even a ransom. But no. Some messed up people in the world.

Anyway, no comics today, but work was okay. Came on time and not too heavy, so I got out pretty early. A bit warm though, and hungry now.

Oh, and I am amused by small and immature things sometimes. At the local large chain grocery store, I was checking out the flyer to see if they had any good deals. One of the advertised special, was those little dried-soup-in-a-cup, selected varieties. Except, the sample picture of it proudly proclaimed C*CK FLAVOUR (no censoring, and of course, meaning chicken). Now, since there are presumably multiple varieties, somebody had to have said specifically, "Okay, for the sample pick, we're going to use this variety." It gave me a giggle, anyway.

And just a brief rant. Now, I generally don't agree with the Conservative Party (of Canada, which is still usually less conservative than the US one) on issues. But there's one thing that inspires my rage in them like nothing else - their ads. Specifically, their negative campaign ads. THERE'S NOT EVEN A $#!!ING ELECTION SCHEDULED. STOP PLAYING YOUR ADS SLAMMING THE LIBERAL LEADER REPEATEDLY. We get enough of that crap during an election. You might have had a fair point had you played them then, but now all I get when I see the ads is more hatred for you.

And while I'm on a rant, is it just me, or have the standards of Lucky Charms fallen in recent years? Before, the rainbow mushroom actually looked a little like a rainbow, like it does on the box. Now, it's just a rainbow shaped marshmallow with either random splatterings of cover, or with horizontal bands of color rather than arcs, so it doesn't really look like a rainbow at all. Is a little pride and craftsmanship in the field of mass-produced tiny consumer marshmallows too much to ask?

On to TV and other entertainment media. Since it's nearing the end of the season, I've been saving my thoughts on show episodes for my big 'end of year wrapup'. So I'll just talk about Renewals and Cancellations. Old news to most, but I haven't posted about it.
The good news: Dollhouse is renewed. A bit surprising, actually, but good on them. I hope, if nothing else, this will cause the kneejerk FOX-haters to reconsider their "I will never watch anything on FOX because they don't support good genre shows" (they follow the money, and approve more genre shows than most, and in some cases, like this, where the ratings do not support renewal, they STILL give it another shot? What more do you ask? Especially when you won't watch the shows they put out.). It has gotten a lot better since the first ep, although I don't think it'll ever be a favorite.

A couple other renewals of course, but nothing I personally care about all that much that wasn't already pretty well certain.

Now the bad news. In comics, Captain Britain and MI13 is coming to an end, which will bring my monthly list back down to 2 (it went up to three when New Mutants started. Runaways is the other one). That's sad, it was a pretty fun comic. How can you not like a comic with Dracula living on the moon and launching an assault on Britain using ships that shoot vampires?! Bah, people have no taste.
Also cancelled, officially although most of us knew it was coming, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. Damnit. I say again, Damnit. Seriously, I would have traded Dollhouse for Sarah Connor in the cancellation stakes in a heartbeat. I also would have traded all those shows I don't watch that were bubbled and saved. Sorry, fans of those shows for my hypothetical callousness. Anyway, Dollhouse would likely have been the only theoretical 'if only one could be saved' situation might have existed. Dollhouse, I enjoyed, and would have liked to see where it went, but I really WANTED to see how SCC would have dealt with their cliffhanger, and of course more Cameron and all the issues there. But at the same time I can't entirely blame Fox, based on the ratings. Frankly, I'm surprised they got the back end of Season 2 pickup, and I'm thankful for that, because at least they ended strongly (albeit on a cliffhanger) than on the weak stretch of eps that made up mid-S2. And of course I won't hold the cancellation against Dollhouse. How could I?

Oh, and speaking (a ways back) of Runaways, I had a Runaways-related dream. All I could remember was a) We were running cross country, I think in something like the Steinbus instead of the much cooler Leapfrog.
b) Chase had a girlfriend who was rather cool but not really connected to the Runaways, and he broke up with her on the way and we left her behind.
c) Klara was running a three-card-monte style game (can't remember the specifics, but it was some sort of gambling-related 'cheat the unsuspecting') to help earn money, but was secretly thinking of leaving the group and not meeting at the rendezvous we'd set up.
d) The only actually Runaways to appear were Chase, Klara, and Molly, with the dream 'set' sometime in the future after the rest had been rotated out, I think. Which is odd because if I was going to rotate out, Klara would be an early choice.

I guess Runaways dreams will happen when you have Runaways plot-bunnies running through your thoughts regularly. Seriously, it's getting out of hand. In my idle times I've been noodling around a sort of 'what I'd do with if I took over the book after Whedon's run/the Secret Invasion crossover' (I ignored Moore's and beyond, not only because I'm not all that happy with it but because I need a specific break or I never get anywhere beyond updating my plans because of whatever happens in the book). I've got decently fleshed out 3 arcs with loose plans for something like 6 or 7 beyond that, creating subplots, new supporting characters/recurring and/or one-shot villains/initiative members, and long term character arcs for everybody. Bah. The world will never know the genius of MONOK (Mental Organism Now Opposed To Killing), an attempt by an AIM offshoot to recreate MODOK, thwarted when he converted to the Mormon faith and joined the Utah initiative! (The Runaways have to pass through Utah on their way back since when we left off they were still in New York). And that's only one of many ideas! Okay, it's silly, but I have fun with such things.
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No comics of course cause nothing's interesting. Work wasn't bad though, and came relatively promptly.

So, apparently the country of some of my flist have had an election recently.

Congratulations to Barack Obama. He has done the impossible, and that makes him mighty. And congratulations America, I feel you made the right choice, not only for President, but also for primaries - if a Republican had to win, McCain was probably the best choice. However I'm pleased that did not happen.

I will allow a short moratorium on my pulling my hair out and gnashing my teeth over the use of the phrase "making history" for this event.

Edit: Meanwhile, over in the Marvel Universe, apparently Stephen Colbert has been elected President of the United States, at least according to the Daily Bugle. AND SO CAN YOU!
Edit 2: Alas, he only won the popular vote. Barack Obama still won the Marvel Universe US presidency because of the electoral college system. But he's fine too.
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Yay, comics weren't delayed this week due to Thanksgiving. Wasn't sure when I left. Anyway, this week I got:

Captain Britain and MI13 #6 (my Pick of the Week, although a bit weaker than normal issues)
NYX: No Way Home #3 (still doesn't feel much like the original NYX, but I'm sticking with it for now)
Uncanny X-Men #503 (this series really isn't doing it for me).

Work was okay, but a bit late and heavier than normal, so meh. Tiring.

So, Canadian election yesterday, Conservative Minority. Not as good as I'd hoped (they made gains), but better than I thought they were heading in the early stages of the election (where it looked like a Conservative Majority was certain). Glad the NDP made some gains, though I wish they were at the expense of the Conservatives rather than the Liberals. I suppose maybe it'll be okay, gives the Liberals time to get a new leader (I really think Dion failed to connect to people and get his message across) and come back next time. On the whole though a big waste of money and we'll probably be back to the polls in 2 years, I'd imagine - Harper has already shown he has trouble playing nice with others in a minority government, even when the majority of Canadians are voting ABC (Anybody BUT Conservatives, for the non-Canadians on the flist) - last minority he should have demonstrated leadership and worked with the other parties to get things done, instead he forced the other parties to either vote his way or trigger another useless expensive election. I figure he'll probably do the same this time. Oh well, at least it's over and I don't have to listen to the stupid attack ads anymore (of course, the Conservatives were willing to run them long before any elections were called)
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So yesterday was one of those days that make me wonder if I'm not secretly in control of the universe on a subconscious level. Why? Because I found $20 on the sidewalk. That's not all, you see, because earlier in the week my brother found $20 (and separately in another incident, $10), and he mentioned it yesterday so while I was walking to work I was thinking to myself, "man, wouldn't it be cool to find $20", and then on the way home, there it was. This was similar to another time when I was thinking about how I once found some bus tickets on the ground, and how cool that would have been, and then later that day I spot like 5 of them on the ground. But then my rational skepticism kicked in, Read more... )

Speaking of, Heroes was last night. The first of the big TV show droughts. No spoilers here, but it did feel a bit rushed with plotlines seemingly being dropped (there was originally supposed to be one more ep in the volume but they hastily rewrote when the strike seemed unavoidable, so at least there'd be a conclusion to it), and just a weakness overall. I love Heroes conceptually, but I do think they need to make a few changes in writers and maybe directors, because it's not as good as last year and there are really some dumb plotting bits that need to be smoothed out. Particularly (this is not so much spoilery for the last episode, but a problem that's been recurring throughout this season, and contains some spoilers of that) Read more... )

WGA is still on strike. 100% support for the writers here. I'd like to briefly rant about two things I keep seeing popping up on people who are down on the writers (and I realize that most people on my flist are rightly supporting the writers or haven't commented at all, but I see it on message and comment boards a fair bit, and I feel like ranting here rather than there):

1) All these writers suck nowadays anyway, TV is so lame I can't watch it, they don't deserve to get paid what they get.
2) Writers are greedy, they make too much money already, and now they want more? And what's this with residuals, they should just do a job and get paid and have that be the end of it like people who do costuming and set design.
My responses, cut. Read more... ) Anyway, rant over.

Today/Last night I had another cool zombie apocalypse dream. They're still shambling around in my subconscious, I guess. This one involved the Marvel Zombies, at least at the start. Read more... )

Oh, and I'm thinking of doing a DC companion piece for the icon I'm using. But I need ideas, both for what to say and who to use. I've got the Batman one settled (he writers on his livejournal, then gives an example in typical batman gritty style, ending with MY PARENTS ARE DEAD!), but I don't really want to just have the exact same jokes as the Marvel one with different faces, so need ideas for other ones. Feel free to comment.

Edit: Because I just found it. Spider-Man: One More Day. Either you know the rumors and have an opinion, or don't and should ignore this. But as bad signs go? The writer (JMS) himself saying he considered taking his name off the last two issues of One More Day is a pretty bad one.
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You move south into...
US Senate (#1525)

You are in a maze of twisty lawmakers, all alike.

Senator Craig (R-Idaho)

Obvious Exits:
North, South, East, West

look Senator Craig
Senator Craig (R-Idaho)
Read more... )

(realizing only about a dozen people on my flist will probably even get this, much less think it funny, but hey it amused me)
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Over the last month or so, there's something been quietly going on at Wikipedia that you may not have noticed yet. They're removing nearly all of the spoiler warning tags.

Now, this itself wouldn't bother me too much. I'll explain my feelings more behind the cut. The main thing is that it's how it's done rather than specifically what's being done. Read more... )
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Yep, here we go again. Guess I had a lot to say these last few days...

First, just got back from the Taste of the Danforth, where I had Gyros. I had to include that, because gyros do not go without comment. Mmmmmmmm, gyros. Actually, I had more than that. I had _2_ gyros, some zelnic (cheese pie. Well, technically I think it can refer to either the cheese or onion or spinach pie, but I had the cheese cause I don't like the other two), and some Loukamades (honey balls). Mmmm. Although I do have one bone to pick with the second gyro. The greeks encourage attempts to innovate, but the gyro is a delicate balance, and lettuce does not belong in the balance. It throws off the flavour medly, and turns something from 'awesome meal' to 'tasty but could be better'.

Next topic! Relativity, Time Dilation, and Communications Across The Gulf of Stars
Read more... )

Meme stolen from [ profile] anomilygrace... 10 random questions
Read more... )

Some thoughts on recent terrorism plots and the reaction to it (cut and pasted from a forum thread where I also posted it):
Read more... )

Dream Foo. Short one. Involves someone on the flist! Read more... )

Thoughts on Stargate SG1 and Atlantis, episode 5 of current season. Some spoilers.
Read more... )
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Haven't done one of these in a bit, but time for another Big Random Post

The first topic is Copyright and the coming zombie apocalypse.

Now how's that for a title?
Read more... )

Speaking of zombies, Book Foo:
Finished: The Warrior's Apprentice (Lois McMaster Bujold), Battle Royale (reread) (Koushun Takami), I Am Legend (reread) (Richard Matheson)
Started: The Year's Best SF 10
Thoughts behind cut, not terribly spoilery.
Read more... )
Some recent icons! (Veronica Mars, Doctor Who) Read more... )

Social Interaction Report: For Friday Read more... )
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I burned my finger slightly today. Not seriously, just hurts a bit.

More creative work from my sleeping mind! The other night I was in the half awake half dreaming state and came up with a Marvel comic concept. Read more... )

6 gets semi-political: NSA Wiretappng

I tend to leave politics out of my posts for the most part. Partly this is because I tend to want my LJ to be a low stress place and I don't care to get into huge political debates with people of differing opinions here. Partly it's because usually someone else (or many someone elses) on my friends list has already pointed out an issue and I feel a little pointless repeating it.

But I have some thoughts on the NSA wiretapping/phone records collection program.Read more... )

Doctor Who - with my new computer I've been downloading and watching the new Doctor Who episodes since the CBC is being lame and idiotic and delaying it until after hockey season (It's a new world, folks, catch up - you can't afford to schedule something popular months after it debuts somewhere else - they'll just download it and you'll lose the viewer). Pretty good so far, Spoiler-free )if I had a cell phone, that would be an awesome ring tone... the sound of the Tardis about to appear. Wouldn't that be cool? I wouldn't be at all surprised if someone's already done it up as a ring tone and I don't have a cell phone anyway (or expect to), but it was just an amusing idle thought.

Also finally downloaded the first episode of Veronica Mars' second season. Won't spoil it in case anyone else hasn't seen it yet, but some general thoughts. Read more... )

Also been playing some games. My computer's been behind the times for a while now, and this one still is, but it's good enough that it's given me a chance to try out some games that I've wanted for a while but my system was always just slightly below what was required. These being Black and White and Planescape Torment.Read more... )

Amusing (well, to me) thing seen today: sign taped to a mail drop box, saying that someone accidentally dropped a DVD in the box, and asking politely if the mailman could deliver it to them (the place right near the box).
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Okay, so the US election is over. I'm in Canada, so I mostly take an idealistic interest. And, well, the one I was rooting for lost. Oh well. Not going to dwell on it; it's a sucky system that the only choices real were poor ones (I still wish McCain won the primaries in 2000 - he's a republican I could respect)

Anyway. Enough on that. What I really want to talk about is something that pissed me off, something done by both sides -Read more... )


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