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Noble Drifter in a Post-Apocalyptic Wasteland. Does that count? I mean technically it doesn't exist yet (here).

For 'real' jobs, I think I'd go with Executive Producer of a long-running science fiction show or franchise. Get to do what I love, be famous enough that I get some of the perks but still obscure enough that I can go about in public, good money, and if I'm executive producer for a long-enough running series, even once it ends I should be able to get another such job fairly easily and explore different ideas. Plus I have a team of writers to collaborate with in instances where I have a good idea but can't really execute it.

Writing in a smaller capacity would also be nice.
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I always had a simple dream. I want to be a noble drifter in a post-apocalyptic wasteland. You know, walking the blasted Earth, surviving on my wits, passing through a town now and then, helping them out with whatever problem they have, like with bandits or terrifying mutants, and then moving on because I really don't fit in with them. I'd maybe have a tame crow that follows me around, because that'd be cool, and would spend my time searching for caches of books to pass the time and pass on to others, either ones for simple enjoyment or caches of lost knowledge that can be of help.

Option 2 is to be a superhero, but I need to find a way to get some super powers, first, because no way can I manage the whole Batman thing.

Option 3 is a starship captain, but I need a starship and a crew. Then the trick is just to find work, and keep flying.

The most realistic option is an author, and even that's only marginally more realistic than the others, since I imagine only a tiny fraction of those who want to be one actually manage it, but if I can't manage this, and the others don't pan out for me, there's really not a whole lot I _want_ to do. There's a bunch of stuff I cold probably survive doing but I wouldn't really care and so it would destroy my soul, if I have any of one left.

(I thought this was going to be a poll question, but it made me make a new post. Whatever, I went with it. Didn't realize LJ made its own memes now)


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