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Continued from last post. First post of this whole series is here, for explanation purposes.

Before, I continue, a few comments on the last part that LJ didn't let me post cause it was too long:
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Comments always welcome.
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This is year 3 of my Runaways Alternate Volume 3. See that post for explanations of what this is all about. Last chunk is here. A bit rushed due to trying to get it out before NaNo month, so excuse typos.
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Here's a good time to break, since LJ won't let me post stuff too long.
Next Post, issues #31 to #36, back to the main plot of the year.
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Continued from last post. First post of this whole series is here, for explanation purposes.

Let's get right to it.
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Edit: Now continued here.
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Okay, so here's a continuation of my last WIDW, which was what I'd do with if I was writing Runaways

Vol 3 (in outline form, rather than full script or anything. Read the first post for my general rules of play and explanations for this, and of course for the first batch of issues. We'll start here with the next 12 issues, #12-24 (spread over two posts)
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Continued here.
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Continued from last post.
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Edit: Now continued here.
All my WIDWs are here.
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Yes, it's time for another big long post that probably only entertains me, and I don't really expect anybody to read. But I've mentioned it offhandedly in a few posts, that I've been writing down my own sort of "alternate Volume 3 of Runaways", sort of a what might happen if, in some alternate universe, I was told to write Runaways instead of Terry Moore. Well, I've finished up to issue #12, and that seems like a good place to take a break and start posting it.

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continued next post, i write too much for LJ apparently.
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Damn, just heard that the local Tori Stafford case was solved and, well, it's the worst case scenario. Man. I was kinda hoping, since it was presumed that a woman led her away, that it was one of those freaky, "I want my own kid" situations, which is good in the sense that the kid may be treated okay or maybe even a ransom. But no. Some messed up people in the world.

Anyway, no comics today, but work was okay. Came on time and not too heavy, so I got out pretty early. A bit warm though, and hungry now.

Oh, and I am amused by small and immature things sometimes. At the local large chain grocery store, I was checking out the flyer to see if they had any good deals. One of the advertised special, was those little dried-soup-in-a-cup, selected varieties. Except, the sample picture of it proudly proclaimed C*CK FLAVOUR (no censoring, and of course, meaning chicken). Now, since there are presumably multiple varieties, somebody had to have said specifically, "Okay, for the sample pick, we're going to use this variety." It gave me a giggle, anyway.

And just a brief rant. Now, I generally don't agree with the Conservative Party (of Canada, which is still usually less conservative than the US one) on issues. But there's one thing that inspires my rage in them like nothing else - their ads. Specifically, their negative campaign ads. THERE'S NOT EVEN A $#!!ING ELECTION SCHEDULED. STOP PLAYING YOUR ADS SLAMMING THE LIBERAL LEADER REPEATEDLY. We get enough of that crap during an election. You might have had a fair point had you played them then, but now all I get when I see the ads is more hatred for you.

And while I'm on a rant, is it just me, or have the standards of Lucky Charms fallen in recent years? Before, the rainbow mushroom actually looked a little like a rainbow, like it does on the box. Now, it's just a rainbow shaped marshmallow with either random splatterings of cover, or with horizontal bands of color rather than arcs, so it doesn't really look like a rainbow at all. Is a little pride and craftsmanship in the field of mass-produced tiny consumer marshmallows too much to ask?

On to TV and other entertainment media. Since it's nearing the end of the season, I've been saving my thoughts on show episodes for my big 'end of year wrapup'. So I'll just talk about Renewals and Cancellations. Old news to most, but I haven't posted about it.
The good news: Dollhouse is renewed. A bit surprising, actually, but good on them. I hope, if nothing else, this will cause the kneejerk FOX-haters to reconsider their "I will never watch anything on FOX because they don't support good genre shows" (they follow the money, and approve more genre shows than most, and in some cases, like this, where the ratings do not support renewal, they STILL give it another shot? What more do you ask? Especially when you won't watch the shows they put out.). It has gotten a lot better since the first ep, although I don't think it'll ever be a favorite.

A couple other renewals of course, but nothing I personally care about all that much that wasn't already pretty well certain.

Now the bad news. In comics, Captain Britain and MI13 is coming to an end, which will bring my monthly list back down to 2 (it went up to three when New Mutants started. Runaways is the other one). That's sad, it was a pretty fun comic. How can you not like a comic with Dracula living on the moon and launching an assault on Britain using ships that shoot vampires?! Bah, people have no taste.
Also cancelled, officially although most of us knew it was coming, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. Damnit. I say again, Damnit. Seriously, I would have traded Dollhouse for Sarah Connor in the cancellation stakes in a heartbeat. I also would have traded all those shows I don't watch that were bubbled and saved. Sorry, fans of those shows for my hypothetical callousness. Anyway, Dollhouse would likely have been the only theoretical 'if only one could be saved' situation might have existed. Dollhouse, I enjoyed, and would have liked to see where it went, but I really WANTED to see how SCC would have dealt with their cliffhanger, and of course more Cameron and all the issues there. But at the same time I can't entirely blame Fox, based on the ratings. Frankly, I'm surprised they got the back end of Season 2 pickup, and I'm thankful for that, because at least they ended strongly (albeit on a cliffhanger) than on the weak stretch of eps that made up mid-S2. And of course I won't hold the cancellation against Dollhouse. How could I?

Oh, and speaking (a ways back) of Runaways, I had a Runaways-related dream. All I could remember was a) We were running cross country, I think in something like the Steinbus instead of the much cooler Leapfrog.
b) Chase had a girlfriend who was rather cool but not really connected to the Runaways, and he broke up with her on the way and we left her behind.
c) Klara was running a three-card-monte style game (can't remember the specifics, but it was some sort of gambling-related 'cheat the unsuspecting') to help earn money, but was secretly thinking of leaving the group and not meeting at the rendezvous we'd set up.
d) The only actually Runaways to appear were Chase, Klara, and Molly, with the dream 'set' sometime in the future after the rest had been rotated out, I think. Which is odd because if I was going to rotate out, Klara would be an early choice.

I guess Runaways dreams will happen when you have Runaways plot-bunnies running through your thoughts regularly. Seriously, it's getting out of hand. In my idle times I've been noodling around a sort of 'what I'd do with if I took over the book after Whedon's run/the Secret Invasion crossover' (I ignored Moore's and beyond, not only because I'm not all that happy with it but because I need a specific break or I never get anywhere beyond updating my plans because of whatever happens in the book). I've got decently fleshed out 3 arcs with loose plans for something like 6 or 7 beyond that, creating subplots, new supporting characters/recurring and/or one-shot villains/initiative members, and long term character arcs for everybody. Bah. The world will never know the genius of MONOK (Mental Organism Now Opposed To Killing), an attempt by an AIM offshoot to recreate MODOK, thwarted when he converted to the Mormon faith and joined the Utah initiative! (The Runaways have to pass through Utah on their way back since when we left off they were still in New York). And that's only one of many ideas! Okay, it's silly, but I have fun with such things.
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COLD. Or maybe that's C-C-C-OLD!

So, when I was on my way to work, it was supposed to be about -29 (C, that's something like -21 F I think) with the wind chill. But hey, I'm a Canadian, I only had to be out for about 2-3 hours walk today since it's a comic day. No biggie.

Then I go to take a shower before work... no hot water.

After an abortive attempt to boil water and use it for a bath (I just didn't have the time to get enough hot enough to make a difference), I said screw it and just did a shower. Of course, I did it the reverse of usual. You know how you usually try to stay as much as possible in the spray because outside it's cold. I had to stay as much outside the spray and just dip my hands and hair in to clean and rinse off. And then, when I was almost done, rinsing my hair and about to step out... the hot water comes back on. Not full force. The hot water tap was turned all the way, the cold not at all (not the smartest plan, probably, just in case it all came on at once, but I'm a good jumper), and still it was only slightly more than body temperature. But still I did a quick rewash (because you can't get everything clean in cold water) and shampoo and soaked in the semi-warm water to warm myself up for an extra minute or two.

Still, fate was not looking good for me. But I spit in the face of Fate! Usually right before it kicks me in the stomach. Then it's time for my countermove. Doubled over, vomit on its shoes. And Fate has some expensive shoes. That, my friends, I consider a win.

Then, out to the frozen Canadian winter. Now, I may have mentioned this before, but what I wear generally only has three areas of variation. Hat, gloves, and jacket. My hat's a toque, relatively warm. My gloves not too bad but still get my hands pretty cold. My jacket is a light windbreaker, with three buttons missing and a broken zipper. These I only wear when the temperature's too cold. Underneath all that, I wear jeans and a t-shirt (and socks and shoes and underwear for all you nitpickers). That's it. Summer or winter. -30 or +30. It is a mark of my Canadian pride to endure, especially the winter. In the ultimate extreme, I'll pull the toque down over my face. I'm used to it, and I've gone walking for hours in the coldest temperatures like that and been relatively comfortable (The main discomfort is that when it gets too cold sometimes I can't read while I'm walking). But, it should tell you that it's was supposed to be a cold day. But I made no change to my routine.

And it wasn't that bad. I didn't have to pull my hat over my face, and for most of the walk, I didn't even have to stop reading (there was a time when I was walking a little more into the wind and my fingers were starting to numb). It was actually rather pleasant. It's the kind of cold that numbs the Weltschmerz and whispers in your ear, the kind of cold that you take to the market on a foggy day and three apples screw driver swallow you whole and spit you out again inflexible and starlight.

It's remotely possible my brain is still dethawing as I'm typing this. The gist of what I'm trying to say is that I endured. I am Canadian! Also, I much prefer really cold to not so cold but very slushy and rainy, as was the case last time I made the big trip.

Anyway, on to New Comic Day!

This week I got two books:

Captain Britain and MI-13 #9 (My pick of the week, but man, Cornell depresses me sometimes!)
NYX: No Way Home #5 (holdover from last week. Okay, will have to see how it all ties together though).

Of minor interest, the Obama covers of Spidey were already sold out when I got there, within an hour of opening. I might have got one if they were cover price and not marked up (I don't know if they did or not but they sometimes mark up the variants).

Full reviews as usual at my comic reviews site for anyone interested.

Work was okay. Got there early, and finished quickly.

And just learning sad news. Patrick McGoohan, best known as Number 6 in the TV show The Prisoner, has died at the age of 80. He is the reason number6 is part of my username. RIP, man. Be Seeing You.

Edited to Add: Not just McGoohan, but also Ricardo Mantalban... KHAAAAAAAAAAAAAN!
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Gateworld has an interview with Ben Browder, mostly general history and a little on the series he's working on developing (as a writer), a bit on Farscape and Stargate and his semi-acting rivalry with Nathan Fillion.

Also of interest, to Stargate Altantis fans, one of the producers gave a breakdown of what episodes the 6th season might have had, if it had gotten one. Apparently they were far enough along that they had ideas, even if many were ideas that couldn't fit in the previous year. Some potential spoilers, in that any of the elements there might be reused, and they say some might be factors in the SG:A DVD movie. Most interesting is, to me, (spoilers just for Atlantis finale, not for the future) Read more... )

Also related: Joseph Mallozzi's "Best 4 SG:A Episodes I never got to write". Somewhat more detailed.

A couple of the (collective) episodes sound kinda cool and I'm a little disappointed we'll never get to see them. Also they had some ideas I've had, too, proving once again, I should TOTALLY write for Stargate! ;) Anyway, I wish I could tap into parallel worlds sometimes just so I could see all these 'what might have beens!'. Or Nathan Fillion as John Crichton in Farscape!)

Speaking of Fillion, remember Doctor Horrible's Sing-A-Long Blog? Well, Whedon has said that it will continue in some form, but he's not sure what the form is. It may not be an internet series anymore. I dunno, I'm in as long as it's not a "I'll continue it as a comic book!", because it has to stay a musical! ;)

Anyway, talking with [ profile] locker_monster the other day, I mentioned off-handedly that they should get Summer Glau in the sequel, and make use of her trained ballerina skills. The idea was good for a few seconds of amusement, but it also stuck with me and came to me this morning before I left for work. And I have a longish (45 minute or so) walk to work, in which it's generally too dark to read, so my mind tends to latch on any old thing and work on it. I came up with the idea of having all of Doctor Horrible's major enemies being Firefly actors. Yes, I know it's unlikely and impractical he'd ever do anything like it, but amusing (to me, which is all that counts).

So, the product of my thinking on the way to work (and a little bit after), behind the cut. It's just silly fluff, but might be worth a chuckle. I present to you: the heroic counterparts to the Evil League of Evil!

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Edit: Oh yeah, and Doc Horrible fans in Canada, apparently the glitches with Canadian distribution are over and you should be able to reorder from

Edit2: Although technically my Doctor Horrible ideas isn't a "What I'd Do With..." entry, I'm adding the tag anyway because it's related and it'll make it easier to find it again when I want to reread it. Yes, I like rereading my own ideas, I'm lame.
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Yesterday had Thanksgiving Dinner (a week late), and it was quite good. Turkey, stuffing, ham, carrots, corn, turnip, potatoes, gravy, bread and pumpkin pie. Mmmmm. And of course was nice to see the family again even if there was nobody there I hadn't seen in more than 2 weeks anyway.

Finished: Blindsight, by Peter Watts (reread)
Started: Consider Phlebas, by Iain M. Banks (reread)

Already read Blindsight, so no extended thoughts on it, but I do have a selected quote (not really spoilery at all) I liked behind the cut. Before that, I might as well mention that it rereads very well - Still has some of the same problems, but I think I'm actually more impressed with it after the second read. It's very bleak, from general outlook to view of human relations, but sometimes extra bleak is good. To me, at least. Anyway, quote: Read more... )

Finished: Armor, by John Steakley (reread)
Started: Nine Princes in Amber, by Roger Zelazny (reread)

Armor's a reread, but it's been so long, and in fact I think the last time I read it was in the 90s, long before I had LJ. So I'll go a bit into my thoughts, and a teeny bit spoilery (general plot spoilery): In general, liked part, other parts only okay.
Read more... ) Anyway, I probably won't go through the whole Amber series again, but I might read the first couple books of it.

In other bloggage:

Assorted questions I've been pondering lately:

1) If you _were_ the subject of the song "You're So Vain (You Probably Think This Song Is About You)", it wouldn't be vain to think so, right? I mean, it'd just be factual.

2) If every living thing on Earth, right down to bacteria and viruses, suddenly died (no radiation or anything, just call it sudden magic death syndrome), except for ONE human being and the bacteria that naturally live on and inside them, would they alone be able to spread enough to reseed the world with life (not human life, certainly, but enough bacteria that could survive long enough outside the body to breed and evolve and so on).

3) Do individual episodes of Deal or No Deal really need their own promo? I mean, it's a frakking game show! It just seems a lot of pointless busy work to have a promo for every episode that says, "On the next episode of Deal or No Deal... This guy/girl you've never seen before may or may not win lots of money!". I never see individualized promos for Jeopardy or Wheel of Fortune.

4) Long Time No See? How did such a grammatically messed up sentence enter our commonly used phrases?!

5) Assume the kids of Harry Potter were forced to fight to the death, Battle Royale style. What would be the outcome? Who teams up with whom and who survives to the end? Assume it's circa Goblet of Fire, and only those people in Harry's year. Also, something magically inhibits magic. Is the outcome different if magic is allowed (except magic that might be used to escape the death-collars)? Read more... )

Finished watching The Girl From Tomorrow... I guess I did actually see it to the end, since there were elements I remembered, I'd just forgotten what it was. Still, I hadn't seen the beginning and it was worth a rewatch. Watching some Avatar now but probably won't get through the third season after all.

Since I was at my Grandmothers, I was able to watch Wolverine and the X-Men there instead of downloading it. If it was any other episode I might have done both (because occasional people talking and such can make it hard to follow), but, well, it's really not my type of episode and so not worth following up on anything I missed. Couple good moments though.
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Sure, it might be a _little_ late, but that doesn't mean there's nothing here we can discuss!

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(Too much time on my hands)


Mar. 14th, 2008 05:19 am
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Weird short story idea my mind woke up working on furiously. Can't remember having the idea, just working on it, maybe dreamed it and woke up to work on it, maybe thought of it and sort of drifted in and out of dream. Probably unsalvagable in any event, but writing it down just in case.

The cast of Corner Gas in the middle of a technological singularity.
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I was so annoyed this morning with my subconscious. I was taking a shower and, in the process, thinking of some things that I needed to buy when I could scrape up enough scare cash, and I thought, "Oh well, at least I have another $50 coming to me, that'll be nice." Then I wondered where that $50 was coming from, and then I realized, damnit, it was just a dream I had the night before. I guess I won some kind of contest or something. *shakes fist at subconscious*. Although oddly enough I did get paid some extra money I wasn't expecting later in the day. I'm still mad at you, subconscious. Don't claim you were trying to be prophetic, you just got lucky. If you want to play prophet, do it more often. I think I also dreamed something about Mercury from New X-Men, but I doubt that was prophetic at all.

Also... coincidence? Or connection? Some time ago I posted this post about Prisoners of Gravity including links to Youtube I found, one of which had a link of Neil Gaiman. This was on Feb 26th, in the afternoon. Today, I followed a link to Neil Gaiman's blog (where he talked about releasing American Gods for free online), and in reading some of the previous posts, realized he posted about the PoG clip that had him on it (There are also furthur comments from a PoG producer here). The time on that was a little after 8pm... on February 26th. Now, understand, 1) I found the youtube link on the spur of the moment on doing a search, not from following any other link. 2) The youtube videos have been up since the summer, so it's not as though they were new. So that seems like a mighty odd coincidence that he would post about it on the exact same day I did, only later.

NEIL GAIMAN IF YOU'RE GOING TO READ MY JOURNAL AT LEAST SAY HELLO! ;) Just kidding, it's fine if you lurk, too. (Or quite possibly the youtube link was just passed through many hands and in less than 6 degrees of separation got to Neil).

Today was a bit of a pain, helping my dad move. I was supposed to be picked up to go at 8:30am. Told to be ready at 8:30 am. I got picked up closer at 10:30 am. You know, I might have slept in a little longer if I knew you were going to be late. And the ride there was about an hour of sitting and listening to two hardcore Christians discuss religion. I have nothing against Christians, but it just gets awkward since I'm not going to bring up my beliefs, so I sit and stare out the window. Then I did a couple trips to a storage room with a guy I barely know, which was at least spent mostly in silence... though it was about an hour of travel for 20 minutes of work. ANyway, all in all we got done at about 9:30pm. My dad and step mom paid me (I tried to refuse it but they were persistent so as usual I gave in), so I did get extra money anyway.

Oh, and I realized that one year ago today (one leap year), I was involved in another move. My own Move From Hell, into the new place. It was all uphill from there living here, though.
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So, I'm a fan of ImprovEverywhere, but I usually only go to their site when I'm alerted to their shenanigans from some other site like . So today I saw their prank where 200 people froze in place in Grand Central Station for five minutes, and as is my nature, I went back to see if I missed anything else. Well, I did. They had their annual No Pants Subway Ride day... and this time, in addition to the New York one, they had it in Toronto as well, along with something like 8 other cities. How did I not hear about this? Probably because I don't read the papers, since it supposedly made both of our big ones. But yay for Toronto.

I personally never could have gone on No Pants Day due to extreme shyness (I don't even wear shorts in summer), but, still cool. The other new development I missed was that they've set up an Improv Everywhere Global where spinoff groups are sprouting up in other cities. Maybe one day I'll actually get to see an op in progress, or if I ever get some nerve, participate.


The latest selection from Harper Collins Canada's First Look program (where they are willing to send me free advanced review copies of books in exchange for writing up my opinion of them) for this month actually had a book I was interested in. It's a YA book called "Gone", in which everybody over 14 suddenly disappears from the world. I've toyed with similar concepts in my own head and have enjoyed seeing other variations of it (the plague that kills adults, like was done in Jeremiah). So I put in a request for that one. Hopefully I'll get it, and it'll be my second book.


Judging by the commercials, people who like Malteasers are easily amused.


Why Canadian Teachers should be carefully monitored


Crazy snowblowing today.


Lost was last night. Decent episode, although I still haven't had a chance to really 'get into' it again. Hopefully the next few eps will help with that.


I got a "Wow, good for you" from a stranger today. I was at the grocery store after work, and the cashier asked me for my postal code, and if I walked there. Now, either she's stalking me and is now on to getting rather obscure information to make her fantasies extra complete, or it's some kind of market research thing. In any event, she just noted it down, but I guess the woman in front of me in line must have had some idea that my postal code was rather distant from the store, because she said, "Wow, good for you" when she heard I walked. (It's about a 45 minute walk, maybe an hour when the snowfall's heavy and unplowed as it is was then).
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No comics today, delayed, and I don't have any I want this week (there is an Exiles one shot I might pick up but I don't care enough to need to get it on time - if they still have it when I next go for comics, I'll get it, if not, I won't, no big deal).

Work wasn't bad though, early and lighter than usual. The only problem was that it was pretty damn cold. Which wasn't too bad, but heading home from work was, because I was facing directly into the wind most of the time, and I haven't fully developed my Canadian layer of cold-resistant skin yet. However, luckily I chose that time to turn into my vigilante identity, The Red Hood. Pulling my toque down over till it hooked on my chin, I walked the streets unafraid of the cold, and looking for any criminals to pummel into submission.

Well, technically I wasn't really the Red Hood. I wouldn't have been an overly dark vigilante, and I never whined about how Batman never loved me (though he never did). And it wasn't really a hood. So I suppose my vigilante identity is really "The Red Toque". I could still see fairly well, but I must have looked a little strange to some people walking down the street with my head completely covered. But it is Canada so probably didn't really freak too many people out... what I really should do next time is read my book while I'm walking like that. I bet I could, too, but it would be a pain in the ass a bit. Ah well.

I do think that if I ever become a vigilante, The Red Toque should be my identity. Only I suppose now it can't be because now that I've posted it, I'd be the first suspect. But now that I've posted that, I've cleared myself, so I can!... no, wait, now I can't. Oh, screw this, I'll choose something else. ... Or WILL I?!

Had a lot of travel-related dreams last night. I suppose a part of me really wishes I could travel more. I won't, because it's outweighed by the part of me that hates all the hassle associated with it (particularly with the pointless security theatre fostered on most air travel nowadays), but I guess the longing is there and acts up every now and then.

Anyway, I didn't do anything for New Year's Eve because I don't celebrate it... I just stayed at home and, because TV completely sucked, watched a marathon of Firefly. Somewhere about a quarter of the way through "Shindig" the noise outside let me know it was probably 2008 (I don't do countdowns), and that was about all she wrote, I finished out the episode and went to bed.

The next day was slightly better. The greek side of my family (maybe it's a wider Greek/Macedonian thing too, I dunno) has a tradition of gathering on New Year's Day. Except, we haven't done it for several years. This year we did, at least many of us, so we went to my grandmothers and I saw a bunch of cousins and aunts (even though I just saw them all a week ago at Christmas), and had zelnik, vielnik, hot greek sausages (yummo, they went fast), and various deserts. It was awesome. However, one old tradition we didn't do. Usually on New Years, they put a dime in the zelnik of one member of each family, and whoever gets the dime is supposed to have 'good luck' that year (assuming they survive the risk of choking on a dime). But we didn't, which is just as well I guess, so many have died needlessly already.

But, New Years traditionally signals the start of my winter depressive season, at least as soon as the sugary goods leftover from the holidays wear out. So I give my standard warning - if I'm less communicative than usual over the next few months, this is probably why. I'm not trying to be rude or distant, it's all chemical.
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Here are some 30 second tales of terror written by (and read aloud by) various sources, including Neil Gaiman.

Someone on the message board I got the link from suggested it as a topic for our now only occasional writer workshop - short halloween horror, so I started writing.

Except, I find that although short horror is fine, I specifically like the "exactly 100 words" format. So I decided I'd make it a semi-meme. That is, it's a meme if other people do it. Otherwise it's just something I'm doing and making arbitrary rules for. :)

In the spirit of Halloween, and as sort of a last minute whet-the-appetite for Nano, I present "One Hundred Words of Horror for Halloween". Nano's about writing big, this is about writing small.

The rules:
1. Write short horror stories, and post them on Halloween.
2. Each story must be exactly 100 words. No more, no less (you can choose to count arguable symbols important to the story either as words or not as you wish). This amount does not include the title.
3. The stories must be in some way horror-related. This doesn't necessarily mean they have to be scary - you could be dealing with horror themes in a humorous way, but it's Halloween, so you should get into the spirit.
4. Post as many stories as you like.
5. (Optional) Respond to other people's stories with candy!
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So, as mentioned last entry, watched Dawn of the Dead last night. Actually I watched a bit of the original Night of the Living Dead yesterday too, but was doing other things so didn't pay attention.

Anyway, as they occasionally do, my thoughts turned to zombies. In particular, Dawn of the Dead got me thinking about Shaun of the Dead (because of their similar sounding names), which is a british Zombie Movie, not just because it's set there but because it feels that it has sort of a completely different spirit to the American zombie films. The next logical (if that word can be used to describe my thought process) step to the thought, especially considering that Dawn was filmed in Canada, would be "What would a Canadian Zombie Film Be?"

So, just for some random, idle, Sunday fun, let's start to plot out the Great Canadian Zombie Film, tenatively titled "Eh? of the Dead!"

I think the first thing is that it has to be set in winter.
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(Canadians on my flist encouraged to participate and contribute their own ideas, or really anybody who wants to)

Dream Foo

Dec. 17th, 2006 02:12 pm
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Wow, during my post-work nap I just had what was like the longest stream of lucidity ever.
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In other news, I heard on the TV that Time Magazine has named me its man of the year. They didn't have a picture, just used a picture of a computer monitor, which, I suppose is good enough a representation of me anyway. Anyway, I'd like you all to know I'm honored, and I won't let it go to my head.
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I don't normally post my writings, I guess some level of fear for me to put my stuff out there. But, I did this one last night... it's another of those 'exactly 100 word' stories/drabbles.

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That's my last post for today, probably, I've spammed my flist enough. ;)

(oh, and the icon should not be construed to imply that you should hold your tongues, I just felt in the mood to make my random icons into Prisoner Signage)
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So far I've only done two days worth of my PerExWriMo (where I'm devoting 2 hours of writing every non-work day). My word count is at 4363. Now that might not seem much compared to you NaNoWriMoers (those who are on track, anyway), but I'm aiming at a more personal goal, and that's far more than I've ever written before on a PerExWriMo.

Right now I'm feeling good about dedicating a block of writing time and may continue it even after November ends. We'll see if that feeling lasts when I run out of the first blush of excitement for the story I'm working on and get into a block where I can't think of anything to write. I'm not doing a novel, either, which helps some. I have the attention span of a gnat sometimes, so I'm flitting back and forth between a number of projects that interest me. Most of the writing (over 3k words) is on a short story I just started and have a good grasp on, with some of the rest split between a few older projects.

And just for fun...

The Wikipedia Random Battle!

The rules: Go to Wikipedia, select Random Article twice, and pit the results against each other:

Round 1: Porn star Keisha vs. The Valley Oak

Results: Read more... )

Round 2: Bottom Meadow a UK sports venue, vs Bradford City Police an English Police department. Pure coincidence that they're both in the same country.

Results: Read more... )

Round 3: The town of Kununurra in Western Australia, vs. Innerwish, a Greek Power Metal band
Results: Read more... )


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