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This week I got two books:

NYX: No Way Home #6 (of 6) (a bit of a mess, a conclusion that doesn't conclude)
Runaways #7 (a bit weak, maybe it's best Moore's leaving)

Full reviews as usual at my comic reviews site for anyone interested.

Also picked up at the bookstore, Queen of Candensce, by Karl Schroeder (Book 2 of Virga), and The Century of Science Fiction, a short story collection (it was in the 'books we want to get rid of so we'll price them really cheap' bin.

Work was okay, but it arrived just about the same time I did, and I had to do more, not only because we're in the busy season, but because one guy wasn't there and they asked me to do his part too.

I hate Roll Up the Rim.

And just heard that Philip Jose Farmer passed away at the age of 91. Enjoy the River, man.

I promised the story about how, on Monday, at 5:30 am I found myself helping a homeless woman steal back a bag of clothes. So, here it is! (It's not as entertaining as it sounds). Read more... )
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Captain Britain and MI13 #4 (good moments, but kind of disjointed)
Secret Invasion Runaways/Young Avengers (fun but I want more interaction between the teams)

Full reviews as usual at my comic reviews site for anyone interested.

Work was okay, much later than usual (new guy, the regular one was having a baby or something), but it was a light load and we got done relatively quickly. Plus I have demonstrated that I officially do the work of two men. Since we had 4 skids, 2 dry and 2 frozen, and I do the dry, and 2 guys do the frozen roughly equal size, and we did them both at once, and I finished first. Barely, but still (and I have to put things all over the place instead of just in a freezer). Me manly man! ;)

On the way home, though, well, let's just say it was a bit of an odd day.

I had my first direct experience with bird crap. Luckily, it didn't hit me. Unluckily, it hit my book. Not much, just a little at the bottom, and I had paper around to wipe it clean (and it's an old book), but still a little disconcerting - it must have come in the few inches between the book and my body, since none got on me at all.

Then at outside the used bookstore, I saw a guy either inspecting his tongue in the mirror, or making a weird attempted-erotic come on to his reflection. Then an old man in a pink Ambercrombie and Fitch t-shirt, which struck me as odd for some reason.

But the real weirdness came when I was crossing the bridge. There was a bunch of police cars going by first. Then I noticed they stopped at the bridge. And there was a guy sitting on the curb with a bunch of cops surrounding him. Three bikes, two - maybe they were cop bikes but for some reason my mind said '3 bikes, but only one bicyclist' (the guy at the curb). Then a cop looked over the side of the bridge. And, as I was passing by closer someone asked the guy on the curb if he wanted an ambulance, and another cop replied a few seconds later, "What about the guy that already jumped?" Now, I was a little too short to casually look over the side of the bridge without really being obvious about it, but, yeah, I don't think it's hard to put together at least some of what happened, although since the news doesn't tend to report such things I might never know how it turned out (the bridge was fairly low so it was conceivably survivable). *shrug*
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Just a little thought experiment.

Premise 1: Multiple Universes exist from every possibility. This is like you see in SF shows all the time - for every choice (either personal or right down to particle interactions), the universe branches out into two (or more) possibilities, creating a new timeline for every possible choice.

Premise 2: Identity (for people) is a combination of two one-way operators (was and will be) which are continuous from any moment X to and moment Y in the future for will be, or past for was, where the state of the object in the earlier (or later) moment is directly dependant on the earlier moment. That is, I was me at 5 if the state of me now is a result of a continuous set of changes from me at 5 until now, in my universe. I will be me at +5years if the state of the character 5 years from now in any one universe is a result of a continuous set of changes over 5 years in that particular universe. This allows there to 'will be' multiple mes at +5 years, but they cannot claim to have identity to each other, because although they share a was connection, they don't share a will be .

Premise 3: There is no afterlife of a supernatural nature.

Under premise 2, it is theoretically possible that there is a non-supernatural afterlife (after death, some advanced entity is able to look back in time to the moment of death and register the mental states, and recreate it), but we will not consider it at first to simplify matters.

Premise 4: Life is awareness
That is, you have to have some level of present or future awareness of your condition to be considered alive. If you've been braindead and in a coma with no awareness for 30 years and then die, technically, for the purposes of the argument, you've been dead 30 years. If you're in a coma with no awareness for 30 years, wake up, and die 5 minutes later, you were alive the whole time. What counts as a level of awareness we can leave somewhat vague. It may well include reduce mental states, dreamlike comas, or extreme brain damage that leaves you functional, or it may exclude those after a point. It doesn't strictly matter which one you choose, so long as you're consistent about it. (Where necessary, we will use 'technical survival' or 'technical life' to talk about moments where the body is alive but there is no awareness)

Arguement: Take a suicidal person. Let's call him Gil Read more... )
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So, I'm a fan of ImprovEverywhere, but I usually only go to their site when I'm alerted to their shenanigans from some other site like . So today I saw their prank where 200 people froze in place in Grand Central Station for five minutes, and as is my nature, I went back to see if I missed anything else. Well, I did. They had their annual No Pants Subway Ride day... and this time, in addition to the New York one, they had it in Toronto as well, along with something like 8 other cities. How did I not hear about this? Probably because I don't read the papers, since it supposedly made both of our big ones. But yay for Toronto.

I personally never could have gone on No Pants Day due to extreme shyness (I don't even wear shorts in summer), but, still cool. The other new development I missed was that they've set up an Improv Everywhere Global where spinoff groups are sprouting up in other cities. Maybe one day I'll actually get to see an op in progress, or if I ever get some nerve, participate.


The latest selection from Harper Collins Canada's First Look program (where they are willing to send me free advanced review copies of books in exchange for writing up my opinion of them) for this month actually had a book I was interested in. It's a YA book called "Gone", in which everybody over 14 suddenly disappears from the world. I've toyed with similar concepts in my own head and have enjoyed seeing other variations of it (the plague that kills adults, like was done in Jeremiah). So I put in a request for that one. Hopefully I'll get it, and it'll be my second book.


Judging by the commercials, people who like Malteasers are easily amused.


Why Canadian Teachers should be carefully monitored


Crazy snowblowing today.


Lost was last night. Decent episode, although I still haven't had a chance to really 'get into' it again. Hopefully the next few eps will help with that.


I got a "Wow, good for you" from a stranger today. I was at the grocery store after work, and the cashier asked me for my postal code, and if I walked there. Now, either she's stalking me and is now on to getting rather obscure information to make her fantasies extra complete, or it's some kind of market research thing. In any event, she just noted it down, but I guess the woman in front of me in line must have had some idea that my postal code was rather distant from the store, because she said, "Wow, good for you" when she heard I walked. (It's about a 45 minute walk, maybe an hour when the snowfall's heavy and unplowed as it is was then).
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Here's a heaping helping of randomness.

One of my fingers has been bothering me lately. Read more... )

Monday was Thanksgiving. Read more... )

Recently found on BoingBoing this bit about a CBC radio program where they discuss the idea that certain things classified as 'disorders', including autism and psychopathy aren't really such, but in fact 'different ways of being human', and particularly as (perhaps first steps towards) human speciation. I'm mainly just including this here to store the link so I don't have to dig through BoingBoing's archives to find the links when I have time to actually listen. But there is something in the BoingBoing article itself that appeals to me. Read more... )

Some TV thoughts. Lost, Jericho, Heroes, Veronica Mars, Grey's Anatomy, Battlestar Galactica, LOST. All talking about recent episodes, but I'm going to be relatively spoiler lite (by which I mean no 'big' revelations, but some incidental minor things, though), so it should be safe even if you haven't seen them, since I'm mostly talking about my own impressions. Oh, wait, there is _one_ icon from Veronica Mars behind the cut, and it's a little spoilery for S3, episode 2. But it was just too funny not to do. Read more... )

And now onto Book foo!
Finished: Dies the Fire, by S.M. Stirling (reread)
Thoughts and quote behind cut: Read more... )

Also finished: Swan Songs: The complete Hooded Swan Collection, by Brian Stableford (reread)

Since this is really five books in one, I'm going to do a quote or two from each. And there will be some spoilers, but let's face it... I've only talked to one person online who's even heard of it, and no one who's read it, so I'm not under any delusions any of you are going to read it. Hell, I doubt most people'll even be reading the quotes. So I'm just amusing myself with bits of it I liked. But hell, I'm still leaving out any big spoilers, just in case.Read more... )

Started: The Protector's War, by S.M. Stirling (Fridays and Sundays)
Appleseed, by John Clute (Wednesdays)

TPW is the sequel to DTF, and the reason I reread DTF. Appleseed is a book I got for $2 in the 'last call' bin at a bookstore. Haven't really gotten far enough into them to give any more thoughts than that. Oh and I was wandering through the bookstore and looked again at Ilium, by Dan Simmons. Anyone on my flist read it and have any (non-spoilery) thoughts? I liked the Hyperion series by the same author, but too much mythological content (particularly when it's 'indistinguishable from fantasy') sometimes turns me off for some reason, and I fear Ilium might tread on that.

Anyway, this concludes another edition of HUGE RANDOM POST.
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No comics today because... well, nothing came out that I was interested in. Though I did put up some overdue TPB reviews (Ultimate Spider-Man Vol 14: Warriors, Y: The Last Man Vols 2-6) on my comic review site.

Work was blah, tiring + wet out. Weird thing happened to me on the way to work. Decided to walk since I didn't have to go to the comic store.

Came to a four way intersection, so I crossed south, then crossed east as I always do on the walk to work. Next thing I'm aware of, I'm noticing a subway station up ahead and thinking, "Huh. There's no subway station on this street." Then I realized. Somehow I was walking north, on the street I'd just come from.

I wasn't reading or anything as I sometimes do, since it was raining. I must have run into a spacial anomaly that warped me around. Or, it's possible I went into some kind of fugue state and just walked on autopilot somehow. It wasn't more than a block of distance, maybe even half that. The direction is the big thing. And the fact that I have absolutely no memory of the intervening time.

I'm losing my marbles! Wait, when did I have them?
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Dream Foo! What happens when you're a comic geek and you watch Prison Break a few hours before going to sleep? Find out behind the cut!
Read more... )
Oh, and, although it wasn't _Technically_ a dream, at some point in the middle of night while half asleep I came up with 2 lines of PHP code I could use to block out probably about 90% of spammers signing up for the forums on The Unreachable Star. Haven't actually implemented it yet, but my conscious mind thinks it should work as well. Now, granted, it's not the most inventive thing in the world and I could have thought about it while awake if I ever seriously considered it, but I'm still impressed that I came up with it while, essentially, sleeping.
Edit: Implemented it, looks like it works, have to see how well though, only a simple dodge hopefully enough to scare off the laziest spambots.

Also, [ profile] irish_star and [ profile] angelophile already posted some of this but I wanted to pass it along too. Group of improvers do crazy stunts in public. Like sending about 50 people into a Best Buy dressed in clothes that are almost exactly the same as the uniform of the people who work there. Or stage a 5 minute time loop in a Starbucks, repeated over and over again (12 times) over the course of about an hour, or holding a surprise party in a subway car. And that's just the first handful I looked at, there's plenty more. I wish stuff this cool happened in TO. Probably be looking through it the next few hours.
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Or, at least renact it. Oh, sure, some might say it's a little silly, but it really connects us all to our roots!
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Playing with the Facial Transformer posted by [ profile] angelophile. Used my glowy-eye grad picture, came up with some interesting results.

My favorites:
Read more... )

Sadly many of the transforms look better than actual me. ;)
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Was watching the news and heard the story of that kidnapped girl named Shasta who was found alive. The news reported that the kidnapper had a website, but didn't actually give the address. Some things were quoted from it. So, in a morbidly curious fashion, I did a search for the terms and found it


It's creepy, the last entry is only a few days before the girl and her brother went missing and their family was found dead, and makes reference to him wanting to strike out against society. At other points of the log he constantly rants about being persecuted because he's a registered sex offender, comparing himself to Jesus and the Jews in terms of persecution.
Okay, creepy and disturbing enough, but then I also found this site, another blog, apparently devoted to ongoing crime stories, that's commenting on it and analyzing the first blog and comparing what he writes to stories in the media, suggesting/speculating in part he was using the blog in a sloppy attempt to create alibis for other crimes he was committing.

As blogs become more popular, we're only going to see more of this kind of stuff, but still, so far it's just been (to my experience anyway) this, that School Shooter a while back, and the guy who was caught because the guy he killed blogged about the guy being in his apartment, so it's still new and creepy.


Jun. 24th, 2005 07:30 pm
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Interested in the taste of human flesh, but without the moral, legal, logistical, or health implications? Then this site is for you!


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