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Continued from last post. First post of this whole series is here, for explanation purposes.

Before, I continue, a few comments on the last part that LJ didn't let me post cause it was too long:
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Comments always welcome.
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This is year 3 of my Runaways Alternate Volume 3. See that post for explanations of what this is all about. Last chunk is here. A bit rushed due to trying to get it out before NaNo month, so excuse typos.
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Here's a good time to break, since LJ won't let me post stuff too long.
Next Post, issues #31 to #36, back to the main plot of the year.
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Continued from last post. First post of this whole series is here, for explanation purposes.

Let's get right to it.
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Edit: Now continued here.
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Okay, so here's a continuation of my last WIDW, which was what I'd do with if I was writing Runaways

Vol 3 (in outline form, rather than full script or anything. Read the first post for my general rules of play and explanations for this, and of course for the first batch of issues. We'll start here with the next 12 issues, #12-24 (spread over two posts)
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Continued here.
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Continued from last post.
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Edit: Now continued here.
All my WIDWs are here.
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Yes, it's time for another big long post that probably only entertains me, and I don't really expect anybody to read. But I've mentioned it offhandedly in a few posts, that I've been writing down my own sort of "alternate Volume 3 of Runaways", sort of a what might happen if, in some alternate universe, I was told to write Runaways instead of Terry Moore. Well, I've finished up to issue #12, and that seems like a good place to take a break and start posting it.

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continued next post, i write too much for LJ apparently.
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Gateworld has an interview with Ben Browder, mostly general history and a little on the series he's working on developing (as a writer), a bit on Farscape and Stargate and his semi-acting rivalry with Nathan Fillion.

Also of interest, to Stargate Altantis fans, one of the producers gave a breakdown of what episodes the 6th season might have had, if it had gotten one. Apparently they were far enough along that they had ideas, even if many were ideas that couldn't fit in the previous year. Some potential spoilers, in that any of the elements there might be reused, and they say some might be factors in the SG:A DVD movie. Most interesting is, to me, (spoilers just for Atlantis finale, not for the future) Read more... )

Also related: Joseph Mallozzi's "Best 4 SG:A Episodes I never got to write". Somewhat more detailed.

A couple of the (collective) episodes sound kinda cool and I'm a little disappointed we'll never get to see them. Also they had some ideas I've had, too, proving once again, I should TOTALLY write for Stargate! ;) Anyway, I wish I could tap into parallel worlds sometimes just so I could see all these 'what might have beens!'. Or Nathan Fillion as John Crichton in Farscape!)

Speaking of Fillion, remember Doctor Horrible's Sing-A-Long Blog? Well, Whedon has said that it will continue in some form, but he's not sure what the form is. It may not be an internet series anymore. I dunno, I'm in as long as it's not a "I'll continue it as a comic book!", because it has to stay a musical! ;)

Anyway, talking with [ profile] locker_monster the other day, I mentioned off-handedly that they should get Summer Glau in the sequel, and make use of her trained ballerina skills. The idea was good for a few seconds of amusement, but it also stuck with me and came to me this morning before I left for work. And I have a longish (45 minute or so) walk to work, in which it's generally too dark to read, so my mind tends to latch on any old thing and work on it. I came up with the idea of having all of Doctor Horrible's major enemies being Firefly actors. Yes, I know it's unlikely and impractical he'd ever do anything like it, but amusing (to me, which is all that counts).

So, the product of my thinking on the way to work (and a little bit after), behind the cut. It's just silly fluff, but might be worth a chuckle. I present to you: the heroic counterparts to the Evil League of Evil!

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Edit: Oh yeah, and Doc Horrible fans in Canada, apparently the glitches with Canadian distribution are over and you should be able to reorder from

Edit2: Although technically my Doctor Horrible ideas isn't a "What I'd Do With..." entry, I'm adding the tag anyway because it's related and it'll make it easier to find it again when I want to reread it. Yes, I like rereading my own ideas, I'm lame.
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(Last thing under a WIDW tag was a Doctor Who one that I never officially counted even if it sort of applies, so I'll call this #16)

Time for another edition of What I'd Do With... Yes, it's been quite a while since I've done one of these, mostly because I've been doing much more actual writing in the last year or so. But I still get WIDW type urges, and this time I thought I'd try something different, and to make up for the long absence, something a little more intensive than I usually do.

WIDW a movie about Marvel Comics Thor (actually, sort of WIDW a movie and its sequel)...
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The what: An actual script for my proposed Thor movie (albeit still in something of a rough form, I got to a point where I just wanted to get it done and didn't throw in my best work).

If that's too long for you, here's the summary-in-words:
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Rough thoughts about a sequel, in which I decided to include a character normally known to be in the X-Universe, and a classic Thor moment, and even a tiny bit of thoughts on the third movie: Read more... )

So, that's it. Comments welcome.

You can get to all my WIDWs here.
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Spoilery thoughts on "Evolution of the Daleks", the latest Who episode (and a bit of 'What I'd Do With...'ish thinking about the Daleks).

Non-spoilery summary: It was pretty lame.
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Okay, my last post on Runaways was my joking impression of how other famous comic creators might handle them. Now it's my turn to tell how I'd do it. Normally I'd never do a WIDW with Runaways as I was enjoying it so much as it is... I'd have some ideas of what might be cool storylines, but they were always in isolationg rather than as part of a big 'plan'. Felt it was sort of a little disrespectful to the series. (And I don't generally do WIDWs for things I'm enjoying, only things I'm not enjoying or things that are long gone).

Now that BKV and Alphona are announced at leaving though, I feel I can do one for Runaways. In particular this was sparked by a thread on the BKV forums "What's your pitch for Runaways?". It got me thinking, and sometimes when I get thinking I can't stop until I've got something all set together in a 'plan'.

The Rules )
So, here we go. Spoilers for issues through #19 and Civil War: Young Avengers & Runaways.
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You can get to all my WIDWs here.
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Haven't done one of these in a bit, and I figured it was time again...

As is often the case with these things, it started with some message board post, on the topic of 'what kind of Buffyverse spinoff would you like to see?'. So, hearing the typical 'Faith and Wood', 'Spike solo series!' 'Slayers-in-Training!' type suggestions, I tried to come up with a different concept that I'd like. Much like when I did the Firefly spinoff thing, I figured I'd take only one character (although I later had to add a character who'd appeared in a few episodes), and put them in with a new group and a new mission. After giving a quick one sentence outline, I thought about it more and decided to flesh it out a bit as a WIDW.

Before I begin, this does make use of some of the ideas I used in my 'Alternate Angel Season 5' and Season 6 and 7 WIDW, but it takes place after the actual Season 5 finale as aired.

Details behind the cut, this one's a little more scattershot than usual...
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So the big thing in comics coming up in March is DC's jump to ONE YEAR LATER. Now, initially I was pretty excited about it, but when information started coming out, I realized that I was dropping far more books than I was picking up. Anyway, I figured OYL was a prime idea to do as a What I'd Do With segment... except not just with DC books, but with Marvel ones as well.

Ground rules first: Read more... )

DC: Read more... )

Marvel: Read more... )

Comments welcome as usual. Of course, all my previous WIDWs can be found here.
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This week I got:

Birds of Prey #88 (good job in making all 3 plotlines interesting)
Runaways #10 (My pick of the week even though I thought it was a little weaker than usual)
X-Men: Deadly Genesis #1 (it's okay. We'll have to see where it goes).

Full reviews as usual are up at my comic review site

I skipped Mutopia X #5. A flipthrough in the store convinced me I'd be happier saving the money.

Work was blehish, about twice as heavy as the usual wednesday delivery, and still no word on when the Friday deliveries are coming. But ah well.

EDIT: Oh, and minor update on my last WIDW
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Some spoilers for Marvel's HoM and Decimation if you don't already know, so all of it's going behind a cut.
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Yesterday I finished Battle Royale, by Koushun Takami. For those who don't know, it's a novel about a class of Grade 9 students in a fascist Japan who are randomly selected to compete in a yearly competition in which they all must fight until there is only one survivor. In short, I really enjoyed the book, far more than I expected to. My official Battle Royale review is here, but I have some more thoughts both on the premise, and translations to other media, that I'll put before the cut tag because they spoil some aspects of the book (and movie, I guess) - they are very minor (IMHO) spoilers though, rather than any big details like how it ends.

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Now, since this is one of the reasons I enjoyed the book so much (because it encouraged such speculation in me), I have to go into my own little thoughts about what I would do if I was in the situation. (Some spoilers, mainly for things that are in the book's concept rather than the specifics of plot, but mostly spoilers for my Grade 9 life. If you're planning on reading the book of my life or watching the inevitable movie, you may be spoiled for the parts about Grade 9! ;))

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Over on Serenity: The Official Movie Website they have a 'point' system - you earn points through various tasks, which you can eventually use to get free merchandise and stuff. One of the most recent 'challenges' was to write the synopsis for the pilot to a spinoff TV series from Firefly, using one character from the series.

So, I did so. It's a bit different than most WIDWs, because I only had a couple weeks to do it (and even that only in my spare time between XET work and other stuff and had a limit of 10000 characters (which I hit and had to reduce), rather than taking all the time and space I need to think, so pretty much I just went with my first idea and ran with it.

The 'one character from the series' I chose was Saffron/Yolanda/Bridgett from "Our Mrs. Reynolds" and "Trash". So, here we go... after the cut is my synopsis for a pilot:
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This and all my WIDWs archived here.
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This is a huge one, where I just sort of focused on my ideal cable network. If you want, you can do your own, but of course it's fairly labour intensive so I don't really expect this meme to propogate. If you want, then these are the 'rules':

1. Choose Broadcast or Cable
2. Choose a network name, logo, and, if desired, overall programming theme.
3. Create or recruit programming subject to the following conditions:
a) You cannot buy the rights to any new show currently in production that is already attached to a network. You can, however, buy rerun rights to any show's past seasons (regardless of whether another network has exclusive rerun rights), or buy new episodes of a show cancelled by another network and not yet picked up by another.
b) You cannot have programming that you know would be impossible - if you know an actor is the lead in a sitcom on NBC, you can't have him playing in your show. If you know an actor has said she wouldn't want to return to a series that's been cancelled, you can't produce new episodes with them (but could decide to do it without them). You don't have to do in-depth research, the principle is don't cheat - if, when you think of the idea, your mind says you can't do it because of something you heard, then you can't do it.
c) You can be assumed to have the budget for the rights to any adaptation of a book, comic, movie, etc, (or to pay for the rights to make new episodes of a cancelled series) that is not already in production, to the best of your knowledge, and to do as much new programming as you want, so long as each show remains a reasonable budget (you can't pay $100 million an episode for a new TV series)

You can be as specific or general as you'd like, from day by day and hour by hour schedules, to a few key shows and a general theme for the rest of the programming you'd like. But for goodness' sake, put it behind a cut tag.

My Network: The Infinity Channel (Cable)Read more... )

This and all previous WIDWs available here.
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Well, I was bored and sick and not much to do so I pulled up this half finished WIDW and finished it off. Anything that doesn't make sense I blame on sickness - because I never, EVER, not make sense when I'm not sick. Really.

Here's a _very_ rough outline of where I'd go with S6 and 7 of Angel, assuming we could do one, and assuming it follows off from my own revised Season 5.
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This and all my WIDWs are in my 'Memories' section. As usual, comments and alternative ideas more than welcome.
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Been a while since I've done one of these, but, recently on one of the discussion forums I'm on, someone raised the question of what sort of afterlife you'd design. So, I've been thinking about it for a while.

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(Archived in Memories like all WIDWs)
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Okay, the following is what I'd do with some means to travel from dimension to dimension with alternate history.
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(This and all other WIDWs archived in my Memories section)


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