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What? The Veronica Mars movie isn't just a pipe dream to sooth fans? He's actually working on the script and Joel Silver and Kristin Bell both want to do it?!

(Thanks to [ profile] kissingdaylight for the heads up!)

BSG wasn't bad. Wonderfully acted, powerful moments, but I don't think I buy into any of the central premises of the series, and until I do and they explain things in a way that makes sense to me, the show's going to mostly leave me a little cold.

Wolverine and the X-Men is back on yTV (I think now 11:30am Saturdays), so another thing to watch on weekdays. Last week was pretty good, this week's, according to the preview, not so much that interests me, but I'll watch it anyway.
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Because Canada is awesome and didn't get delayed.

This week I got two books:

Captain Britain and MI13 #3 (My Pick of the Week, but a little confusing)
Young X-Men #4 (rapidly losing patience)

Full reviews as usual at my comic reviews site for anyone interested.

Work was okay, but hot and tiring. Meh.

Had Taco Bell for lunch on the way home, their 5 taco deal. Mmm, tacos.

What else... things I saw on the way home:
A weird police procession which I believe may have included a guy bound and gagged in the passenger seat (either that or a passenger was weirdly goofing off in a way that just looked like that)
A potted plant beneath one of the street level grates. And someone asked me directions and I was able to give them correct ones! For some reason whenever people ask me directions, I either don't know, or am momentarily confused and give them the wrong information and don't realize it until after they're gone. But yay, not today.

Hmmm... the BBC is doing remake of Survivors... now, I like a good post-apocalypse story so maybe I'll check it out. And Freema Agyeman (Martha)'s apparently in it too. Don't _think_ I ever saw the original, but it's possible I did long ago and just can't remember.

This new show Flashpoint keeps showing commercials, and I have decided I will watch the first episode and then only watch furthur episodes if I'm able to pretend that it's Keith Mars who has taken a new law enforcement job in Canada while his daughter Veronica is at the FBI academy.
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Cause nothing was interesting this week. Work was okay, though was feeling a bit dizzy.

Anyway, Veronica Mars Season 3 DVD's been released, and for those who haven't got it yet, and still want to see the "Season 4 Veronica in the FBI Pilot", here (part 2). Kind of cool to see, and some moments rocked, but I still felt it was a missing something, but presumably it would have been better if they had more time to prepare it. I still would have loved to see it.

In other news, Supernatural was fun last night. And Pushing Daisies tonight (which I saw yesterday) was also fun. Charlie from Heroes was a guest star!
Heroes this week was okay, though perhaps focusing on too many plotlines. PB was decent. Didn't care for the last 2 Atlantises too much. And, well, that's about all of note.

Edit: And a new trailer for The Mist, one of my favorite King short stories/novella. And here's more trailers for Will Smith's adaptation of I Am Legend.
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Okay, there's these commercials for this movie called 'Nancy Drew', about some teen girl outcast who solves mysteries. Come on, can't anyone come up with any ideas other than ripping off Veronica Mars? ;) (Oh, hush, I know Drew came first, I'm just kidding, but the commercial does give me a bit of the same vibe, even though they're outcast for different reasons). Maybe if the movie does well, for the sequel they'll adapt the controversial "Key in the Clock" (so many swears).

I reconfigured my room a few days ago, reorienting my bed and putting in my desk and all my comics, so it's much more cluttered, but I like it better this way. I'd kept the old way because supposedly people were going to fix my window but since I've been here 3 months with no word on when, I'm assuming someone dropped the ball on that. Really, I don't care about the window being fixed, it's a small crack and I don't look out of it anyway.

Doctor Who was... pretty good. I do have some serious reservations about it, though. (SPOILERS for Family of Blood)
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So some of my high school friends had planned to get together for dinner at a place relatively near me over the weekend. Although I didn't want to confirm for the dinner itself, for various reasons, it was close enough that I thought about doing a surprise drop in to say hello for a few minutes and then going back. Alas, on the day of it slipped my mind and there were no followups on it, so if they did meet I wasn't able to see them. Ah well, would have been nice to see them again. Maybe next time, if there is one.

I have some book foo to do too (wow, try saying that 5 times fast) but I'll save that for another post, I think.
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Huge post time!

Okay, here's what I thought about the major shows I watched this year. They're not the only shows I watched, but the ones where I made it a point to watch them. There will be spoilers, in some cases for the season finale, as well as a look ahead at what's coming. There will be some ranting.

Ongoing shows: BSG, GA, Heroes, Lost, Office, Prison Break, Supernatural, SGA, 24
Read more... )

Cancellations/Ending Shows: Drive, Jericho, SG1, VM
Read more... )

The Coming Year

The networks have released their TV upfronts, detailing the new shows going on the network. A good one-stop site for it all is here.

Shows I'm interested in or vaguely interested in: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, New Amsterdam, Pushing Daisies
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My fall viewing schedule, Monday to Friday:

8pm: Prison Break
9pm: Heroes
10pm: Journeyman

8pm: New Amsterdam

8pm Pushing Daisies

9pm: The Office
9pm: Grey's Anatomy (tape one, watch the other, probably)

Friday: I usually catch up on Supernatural where it airs on my local channel. Don't know if that'll continue, but it's a possibility.

Saturday/Saturday I sometimes get local broadcasts of US cable shows, plus there's always the typical animation block.

Once January rolls around I'll have BSG, Lost, 24, and Sarah Connor Chronicles
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So, it's looking quasi official. Veronica Mars seems to be cancelled (barring some unlikely although still technically possible reprieve before June 14th, the date the network officially has to make a decision by).

It's strange though. After this year... it's not so much that I didn't _care_ if it was cancelled, I wanted it to be renewed, but I wouldn't be terribly disappointed either. My reaction was, "Oh well, it had a decent run". I think that was partly because they'd talked about dropping the longer mystery arcs. In any event, I was okay with it.

But once they started floating the idea that it might survive by jumping a few years ahead in time and having Veronica in the FBI... I was really looking forward to that. I'm more disappointed at not being able to see _that_ than I am that Veronica Mars itself was cancelled.

Looking over the new schedule... the new fall season looks to stink. A couple shows I'm mildly interested in, but none I'm excited about, and some returning shows I'm happy about of course. But no wow factor like last year. I'll give a more complete rundown sometime in the next few days probably.
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Dream Foo over the last couple weeks. Some Office, some Battle Royale, some semi-lucidity: Read more... )

So, finished up my third Writing cycle on Tuesday. Went fairly well, met my quotas. Sort of finished a story too. I say sorta because I brought it to an ending, but I don't feel like it was the right ending... but I don't know what the right ending is, so until I do that's how it's going to be. Also worked on a couple other short stories.

TV. No significant spoilers. Read more... )

Book Foo: Finished: Hyperion, by Dan Simmons (reread)
Started: Fall of Hyperion, by Dan Simmons (reread)
Still Reading: Stardoc by S.L. Viehl

Thoughts and a quote behind the cut. A warning, some particularly devout and sensitive religious people might want to skip this part.
Read more... )

Let's see, what else. Had to talk to someone at children's aid yesterday. I do not like talking on the phone with people I don't know with little preparation. :P. Actually, you could cut that sentence down to 'I do not like talking on the phone'. You could possibly even get rid of 'on the phone', too. But ah well, it's over with.

The makers of the drug 'Vytorin' have a poor grasp of genetics, and thus I wouldn't trust any drug made by them. They say "Cholestorol might come from bow-tie pasta... or your Uncle Bo". No. That is incorrect. The only way my cholestorol might come from my Uncle Bo is if either Uncle Bo is actually my real dad, or I ate Uncle Bo. They're either stupid, or estimate the amount of cannibalism in their target market is high. Either way, I do not want to be associated with them. Okay, seems I misheard 'Grandpa' as 'Uncle'. Rant retracted. Still, there's an uncomfortably high cannibalism symbolism in that commercial. But I'll replace that with another commercial pissing me off. NO ELECTION HAS BEEN CALLED. PLEASE STOP WITH THE NEGATIVE CAMPAIGN ADS AGAINST THE LIBERAL LEADER. I mean, I could understand it (though would still be against it) if he was actually the Prime Minister. But he's not. And the constant ads are making me hate _you_ more. Wait till an election is called.

Speaking of commercials, Tandoori Sizzler nachos taste mostly like nachos covered in taco seasoning. Which isn't unpleasant, but is not as exotic as I was hoping. Ah well. Maybe the next new chip flavour will rock my world.

That's it for now.

Edit: Oh, and I've made my two rotating icon slots Runaways related, making everything except my default ghostly pic Runaways-related, until BKV's last issue.
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My thumb's sore. And not quite as opposable as usual. Am I devolving down the evolutionary chain? Or perhaps I just hurt it playing Ultimate Spider-Man. Probably the latter.

This year, I'm going to try really hard not to post a depressed, ranty, V-Day post. Because really, it's all been said.

Features I wish LJ had (or if they already do, I wish I knew how to do it):
1) Browse posts to a community written by a specific person. Mostly this is so I can track down some of my old posts, but sometimes I might want to see what someone else has posted before.

2) Apply tags to your friends list. A lot of times I watch, say, Supernatural a couple days later than everyone else, and lots of my flist post about it that first night. I don't want to backtrack 3 pages to find the posts about it, or go to everyone's individual journal and read back (as I ususall do), I'd rather just say 'okay, let's look at 'tag supernatural' on my friends lists. Though I realize it'd probably be a lot more complicated to code than basic tagging (depending a little on how the flist is implemented), it would still really improve my LJ experience.

Book Foo:

Finished: Big Planet, by Jack Vance
A Fire in the Sun, by George Alec Effinger

Some thoughts, minimal spoilers, behind the cut.
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Started: Hyperion, by Dan Simmons (Thursdays and Sundays) (reread)
Stardoc, by S.L. Viehl (Wednesdays)

Random cracky crossover idea. Yet another thing I'm not going to write, and I'd be surprised if nobody else has come up with it yet, but I've been playing around with it in my head a little. One of them is Supernatural.
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One of my minor goals in life is to have the adjective 'intrepid' prefixed to whatever description of me someone gives. I mean, sure, intrepid explorer would be great, or intrepid astronaut, or intrepid post-apocalyptic drifter would be awesome. But I'd settle for 'intrepid manual labourer'. Or 'interpid slacker' or 'intrepid layabout'. I think I've just typed intrepid way too much.

Some TV thoughts. Spoiler-Free.
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Oh, speaking of TV, here's a quick list of the SF-related pilots for next year's TV. My thoughts:
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Life update: Apartment hunt continues. No luck yet. I hate moving.
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First up, Dream Foo! Read more... )

Spoiler-light TV bits: Veronica Mars, Grey's Anatomy, Heroes, Battlestar Galactica, Lost, Torchwood
Read more... )

I created my very first Wikipedia page this weekend. I've done some minor edits before, but this is the first time I've created a whole page. It will no doubt interest nobody on my friends list, of course. Anyway, what happened was, while I was rereading the Grainger/Hooded Swan books, I did a wiki search for it, like I tend to do for most series I read. Only to come up empty. Not only has barely anybody I talk to heard of it, nobody'd created a page for it. So, I did. I'll probably be adding a little more to it as time goes on. It's an interesting feeling, adding to the sum total of human knowledge on the internet. And the editing was remarkably easy, I've never actually looked into how to edit a wiki before a couple weeks ago. I'll probably be doing more of it when I see something that needs doing. I'm a wikiconvert!

Speaking of writing (but from another angle), I don't think I'm going to do NaNoWriMo. Can't come up with a plot I want to use on it, and I don't want to 'waste' any of the plots I've got stored up on it (I put waste in quotes because I don't technically think it's a waste, but I fear that if I do the style of writing NaNo requires and it sucks I won't be able to write the story again. If I'm to do it, I need a plot that I can feel good using only for it). Also the time issue is a worry. I don't really feel up to writing on days that I work, so that means I'd have to extra load it on the other days, and all that in addition to doing things like my [ profile] alternaljournal which is certainly a type of writing, but wouldn't count towards words.

Ehh. Anyway, to do my best to keep the spirit of NaNoWriMo, I'm going to resolve to do the following (whether I actually do it is another matter, but I'll resolve it here and either do it or fess up to not doing it): Read more... )

Apparently we're getting pretty close to being able to play our first Cybergeneration (tabletop) game, so that should be cool.

Now, let's see, is there anything actually new in my life, as opposed to the various ways I escape reality?... Hmmm, nope, not really that I can think of. But then, why would it? About the only chance I have to meet anyone new would be either at work or in chance encounters. And, well, why not, some social interaction to report: Read more... )
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Here's a heaping helping of randomness.

One of my fingers has been bothering me lately. Read more... )

Monday was Thanksgiving. Read more... )

Recently found on BoingBoing this bit about a CBC radio program where they discuss the idea that certain things classified as 'disorders', including autism and psychopathy aren't really such, but in fact 'different ways of being human', and particularly as (perhaps first steps towards) human speciation. I'm mainly just including this here to store the link so I don't have to dig through BoingBoing's archives to find the links when I have time to actually listen. But there is something in the BoingBoing article itself that appeals to me. Read more... )

Some TV thoughts. Lost, Jericho, Heroes, Veronica Mars, Grey's Anatomy, Battlestar Galactica, LOST. All talking about recent episodes, but I'm going to be relatively spoiler lite (by which I mean no 'big' revelations, but some incidental minor things, though), so it should be safe even if you haven't seen them, since I'm mostly talking about my own impressions. Oh, wait, there is _one_ icon from Veronica Mars behind the cut, and it's a little spoilery for S3, episode 2. But it was just too funny not to do. Read more... )

And now onto Book foo!
Finished: Dies the Fire, by S.M. Stirling (reread)
Thoughts and quote behind cut: Read more... )

Also finished: Swan Songs: The complete Hooded Swan Collection, by Brian Stableford (reread)

Since this is really five books in one, I'm going to do a quote or two from each. And there will be some spoilers, but let's face it... I've only talked to one person online who's even heard of it, and no one who's read it, so I'm not under any delusions any of you are going to read it. Hell, I doubt most people'll even be reading the quotes. So I'm just amusing myself with bits of it I liked. But hell, I'm still leaving out any big spoilers, just in case.Read more... )

Started: The Protector's War, by S.M. Stirling (Fridays and Sundays)
Appleseed, by John Clute (Wednesdays)

TPW is the sequel to DTF, and the reason I reread DTF. Appleseed is a book I got for $2 in the 'last call' bin at a bookstore. Haven't really gotten far enough into them to give any more thoughts than that. Oh and I was wandering through the bookstore and looked again at Ilium, by Dan Simmons. Anyone on my flist read it and have any (non-spoilery) thoughts? I liked the Hyperion series by the same author, but too much mythological content (particularly when it's 'indistinguishable from fantasy') sometimes turns me off for some reason, and I fear Ilium might tread on that.

Anyway, this concludes another edition of HUGE RANDOM POST.
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2 and a half dreams. One requires a bit more explanation.
Read more... )

Oh, and Happy Thanksgiving. Going to do family stuff later today.
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I've seen a lot of these links posted around, but this one's allegedly legal (sadly, link doesn't work in Canada, but you can still use the other link that was floating around like I did - if you want a link, comment).

You can watch the 3rd season premiere there, through MSN. I suppose it doesn't have the thrill of doing it illicitly, though.

Anyway, my not-spoilery-at-all-really thoughts behind the cut.
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Oh, and weirdness... just after watching the VM premiere this morning? I watched the Deadwood eps I recorded last night. Said eps? Featured Kristin Bell as a guest star. It was a bit weird to see her. I kept expecting her to uncover all the mysteries for everyone. And hey, for a while there all I had to do was add some imaginary starships to have a fandom trifecta!

Edit: Oh, and Heroes was on last night, so since I'm doing a TV post, I'd better post about it too.

I liked it, on the whole. Sure, it was corny and too expositiony at times, but I still liked it and am certainly going to stick with it. And the introduction of cheerleader girl - even though I saw it online in a preview, I still think its one of my favorite introductions of a superheroish character ever. It reruns tonight apparently, so check it out if you haven't yet.
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Well, I finally decided to split up my icons into separate posts, one for comics icons and one for non-comics (this one). At the rate I'm creating them I'll probably have to do different posts for different categories before too long...

Possible spoilers for various TV shows and movies in these icons, so look at your own risk.

Read more... )
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Hmmm, Fandom Bits. That'd make a good cereal. Like Alpha Bits, but with Fandom. Little crispy bits shaped like the TARDIS or cylons or something. Slashmallows.

Anyway, found some Veronica Mars news here. I'll put the big bits for S3 behind a cut for the especially spoiler conscious, but really nothing much beyond casting stuff and a few stuff I already figured. Also, I rewatched S2 Episode 1 again since it started airing here in Canada, so I'll put some thoughts of that behind the cut too.
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Runaways #18 tomorrow! The big day! And I mourn! I don't even know for whom yet, but I know it's gonna suck and be awesome at the same time! Also X-Factor and Civil War.

And it's not strictly a fandom bit, as I really have no interest in seeing the movie, but one bit from the commercials for Monster House crack me up:
"If those are the teeth, and that's the tongue, then that must be the uvula!"
"... So then it's a girl house!"
"... WHAT?!"

Long walk tomorrow. Also need to choose a new book. Or a reread, which is probably more likely.
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First, heat = death. DEATH. DEATH I SAY. Need lemonade.

Secondly, why did nobody alert me to how awesome Coffee Crisp Yogurt are? (That is, yogurt-covered-and-flavoured Coffee Crisps, rather than yogurt that has coffee crisp bits, which might also be nice).

So just saw an advertisement for Veronica Mars on SunTV Tuesday at 8pm. I _think_, judging by the commercial, that it's the first season over again, rather than the second season (which still hasn't aired here), but I'm not sure. And y'now what? I think I'm in the mood to see the first season again. Anyway, if you're in the Toronto area (or in Canada and also get SunTV, I don't know how far it spreads) and you haven't checked out VM yet, it might be a good way to give it a shot. And hell, it's summer, what else is on?

Speaking of 'watching from the beginning' Couple weeks ago noticed ABC was airing GA running from the beginning, so I've been watching those too, and realizing that I think I liked the show more early on than I do now. Probably because I hadn't yet grown to hate a number of the main characters.

Watched the new episodes of SG1 and Atlantis. Okay, solid eps, but neither of them really wowed me, like the finale of SG1 did at least. But then a lot of times the big cliffhangers aren't handled as well as other stuff - it's just a matter of mopping things up, and a lot of the time you can see how they'll get out of the messes in advance from fairly early on (and, once in a while, you're yelling it at the screen minutes before the characters come up with the bright idea, which is annoying).

Lessee, what else. Oh yes, HEAT DEATH APPROACHING.

Edit: Okay, so I was wrong: Apparently SunTV is airing Season 2 of Veronica Mars, not Season 1, which is a bit of a shame because that means I won't be able to go way back and watch the beginning. But I've heard they'll also be airing Season 3, on time, which means I might not have to download it after all. Unless it's on at the same time as something else, of course, in which case I might. Here's a link with more info
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So, in honor of Canada Day, I decided to watch the final two episodes of Veronica Mars. I'm not sure what Veronica Mars has to do with Canada, but I'm sure if I thought hard enough I could come up with something. Unfortunately, I'm not doing any hard thinking on account of it being Canada Day. I'm not sure about the connection there, either, but I'm sure if I thought hard enough I'd have an answer, but see above.

Anyway, my big spoilery thoughts on it below the cut. If you haven't seen it don't click here because it really will ruin some of the enjoyment for you.
Read more... )

Edit: I figured out the connection between Veronica Mars and Canada Day. Enrico Colantoni, who plays Veronica's dad, is Canadian. See, told ya!
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Bunch of dreams, mostly last night but one or two from a couple days back. Some Veronica Marsish dreams (but no spoilers)
Read more... )
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Okay, so I'm up to episode 5 of season 2 of Veronica Mars, and yeah, definitely the love is returning. Was feeling a bit off the first episode but once I got into it and saw a few episodes without waiting nearly a year between episodes it got going again.

Some non-spoilery thoughts (despite [ profile] 80sfiend still not getting back to me):

Who the hell gave Steve Guttenberg work again? Are the Stonecutters active again?

Re S2E5's ending: Awww. (That's a suitably vague word that I think it counts as spoiler-free, since you'd have to see it to know the inflection).

I've decided if I ever have a daughter I am definitely teaching her kickass sneaky private eye skills from a young age. Of course, if I have a son he's gotta follow me into the post-apocalyptic drifter line of work. Not that I'm likely to have either of course, but one must make plans for all contingencies. I've also got plans lined up for clones, robot duplicates, and adoptive children (they learn to fight the undead, except vampires, which are for if I have a stepdaughter).
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I burned my finger slightly today. Not seriously, just hurts a bit.

More creative work from my sleeping mind! The other night I was in the half awake half dreaming state and came up with a Marvel comic concept. Read more... )

6 gets semi-political: NSA Wiretappng

I tend to leave politics out of my posts for the most part. Partly this is because I tend to want my LJ to be a low stress place and I don't care to get into huge political debates with people of differing opinions here. Partly it's because usually someone else (or many someone elses) on my friends list has already pointed out an issue and I feel a little pointless repeating it.

But I have some thoughts on the NSA wiretapping/phone records collection program.Read more... )

Doctor Who - with my new computer I've been downloading and watching the new Doctor Who episodes since the CBC is being lame and idiotic and delaying it until after hockey season (It's a new world, folks, catch up - you can't afford to schedule something popular months after it debuts somewhere else - they'll just download it and you'll lose the viewer). Pretty good so far, Spoiler-free )if I had a cell phone, that would be an awesome ring tone... the sound of the Tardis about to appear. Wouldn't that be cool? I wouldn't be at all surprised if someone's already done it up as a ring tone and I don't have a cell phone anyway (or expect to), but it was just an amusing idle thought.

Also finally downloaded the first episode of Veronica Mars' second season. Won't spoil it in case anyone else hasn't seen it yet, but some general thoughts. Read more... )

Also been playing some games. My computer's been behind the times for a while now, and this one still is, but it's good enough that it's given me a chance to try out some games that I've wanted for a while but my system was always just slightly below what was required. These being Black and White and Planescape Torment.Read more... )

Amusing (well, to me) thing seen today: sign taped to a mail drop box, saying that someone accidentally dropped a DVD in the box, and asking politely if the mailman could deliver it to them (the place right near the box).


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