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Sep. 14th, 2007 05:12 am
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Just wanted to get this down before I head off to work so I can evaluate it when I'm more awake.

Sort of a 'ideas while sleeping' dream.
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Also just before I woke up I had a lucid dream, where I was wandering through my own brain, represented as a building, looking for the maintenance engineer. Once I found him, I tried to convince him to fix things so I have more lucid dreams. He said he'd try. Then he asked if I could do anything about the shyness, and I said, "Well, if you make me lucid more often, maybe I can find my way around the building more easily, and I can meet the right parts of my brain, and you know, make things happen." I doubt it'll really work, I've tried 'hacking my brain' through dreams a few times before to no real success, but who knows, perhaps this time I hit on the right symbolic imagery. *shrug*
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So, I've had a number of lucid or semi-lucid dreams over the last little while. Lately, though, instead of flying (though I do some of that too), I've been practicing something else... summoning fictional characters. And I've actually had some success.

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Probaly not of interest to most people, but it was pretty cool to me, so it gets recorded for my own memory later. Inside, vampires and superheroes (and supervillains) and giant monkeys! (Some of the above may be combined). + Lucidity, and a lucid dream rejoined after an interruption!

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Dream Foo over the last couple weeks. Some Office, some Battle Royale, some semi-lucidity: Read more... )

So, finished up my third Writing cycle on Tuesday. Went fairly well, met my quotas. Sort of finished a story too. I say sorta because I brought it to an ending, but I don't feel like it was the right ending... but I don't know what the right ending is, so until I do that's how it's going to be. Also worked on a couple other short stories.

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Book Foo: Finished: Hyperion, by Dan Simmons (reread)
Started: Fall of Hyperion, by Dan Simmons (reread)
Still Reading: Stardoc by S.L. Viehl

Thoughts and a quote behind the cut. A warning, some particularly devout and sensitive religious people might want to skip this part.
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Let's see, what else. Had to talk to someone at children's aid yesterday. I do not like talking on the phone with people I don't know with little preparation. :P. Actually, you could cut that sentence down to 'I do not like talking on the phone'. You could possibly even get rid of 'on the phone', too. But ah well, it's over with.

The makers of the drug 'Vytorin' have a poor grasp of genetics, and thus I wouldn't trust any drug made by them. They say "Cholestorol might come from bow-tie pasta... or your Uncle Bo". No. That is incorrect. The only way my cholestorol might come from my Uncle Bo is if either Uncle Bo is actually my real dad, or I ate Uncle Bo. They're either stupid, or estimate the amount of cannibalism in their target market is high. Either way, I do not want to be associated with them. Okay, seems I misheard 'Grandpa' as 'Uncle'. Rant retracted. Still, there's an uncomfortably high cannibalism symbolism in that commercial. But I'll replace that with another commercial pissing me off. NO ELECTION HAS BEEN CALLED. PLEASE STOP WITH THE NEGATIVE CAMPAIGN ADS AGAINST THE LIBERAL LEADER. I mean, I could understand it (though would still be against it) if he was actually the Prime Minister. But he's not. And the constant ads are making me hate _you_ more. Wait till an election is called.

Speaking of commercials, Tandoori Sizzler nachos taste mostly like nachos covered in taco seasoning. Which isn't unpleasant, but is not as exotic as I was hoping. Ah well. Maybe the next new chip flavour will rock my world.

That's it for now.

Edit: Oh, and I've made my two rotating icon slots Runaways related, making everything except my default ghostly pic Runaways-related, until BKV's last issue.

Dream Foo

Jan. 5th, 2007 09:44 am
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Multiple dreams last night.
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First, Dream Foo. Both actual dreams, and lucid dream strategy.
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Anyway, speaking of that last lucid dream, I've been thinking lately of the somewhat flexible nature of consciousness. Read more... ) It's also possible I'm just going mad.

Anyway, yesterday I was watching the Canadian classic Strange Brew, and I happened to look up something about it and noticed that it was a loose adaptation of Hamlet (with the McKenzie brothers playing Rosencrantz and Guildenstern). Never heard that before, but I can see it. So, anyway, later in the day I was watching Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars, and my mind wandered (as it often does) to how one might be able to reinvent Farscape in another genre.
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I think I've mentioned before that my brother got himself a PS2 recently, so I've been able to play some. Only have two games at present, Castlevania and GTA: Vice City. Don't much care for Castlevania, but GTA's fun. Anyway, that's not really the topic I'm going for: I was a bit bored, so just did some random thinking on Video Games I'd Like To See: Read more... )

Dream Foo

Dec. 17th, 2006 02:12 pm
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Wow, during my post-work nap I just had what was like the longest stream of lucidity ever.
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In other news, I heard on the TV that Time Magazine has named me its man of the year. They didn't have a picture, just used a picture of a computer monitor, which, I suppose is good enough a representation of me anyway. Anyway, I'd like you all to know I'm honored, and I won't let it go to my head.

Dream Foo

Jun. 12th, 2006 08:16 am
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The Wonders of Science!!! + a Lucid dream
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Bunch of dreams, mostly last night but one or two from a couple days back. Some Veronica Marsish dreams (but no spoilers)
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Three books for me this week:

Astonishing X-Men #14 (quite good, with some excellent moments)
Runaways #15 (my pick of the week, great as usual, can't wait to see what happens next)
X-Factor #6 (A little unsatisfying in terms of answers, but still plenty of fun to be had)

Full reviews as usual at my comic review site for anyone interested.

For lunch I had some leftover KFC. Work was okay.

Also had a lucid dream last night.
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Dream Foo

Mar. 5th, 2005 05:34 am
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Had a couple dreams, involving Werewolves and Lost numbers (with minor spoilers for the most recent Lost).
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No actual dreams to report, mostly had fragments lately that aren't very interesting or easy to relate.

Just some vague thoughts and noticings on dreaming in general (for me).

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Your MetaHuman Destiny!
Your Name
Your Zodiac Sign
Your level in the hierarchy - 65%
Your Lover is Psylocke
You Joined The Spider-Friends
Your Super Power Teleportation
Laws you break in the name of your Cause! 816
You hate it when you get drawn like lumpy oatmeal!
This cool quiz by cybercat - Taken 58 Times.
New! Get Free Daily Horoscopes from Kwiz.Biz

Only one I could find that didn't have my lover a guy. Not that there's anything wrong with that, but it's not for me. :)

On dream Foo...
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And, finally, Book Foo...
Finished: American Gods, by Neil Gaiman
Started: Sirius, by Olaf Stapledon

More thoughts and such, including minor spoilers, after the cut tag.

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