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Gateworld has an interview with Ben Browder, mostly general history and a little on the series he's working on developing (as a writer), a bit on Farscape and Stargate and his semi-acting rivalry with Nathan Fillion.

Also of interest, to Stargate Altantis fans, one of the producers gave a breakdown of what episodes the 6th season might have had, if it had gotten one. Apparently they were far enough along that they had ideas, even if many were ideas that couldn't fit in the previous year. Some potential spoilers, in that any of the elements there might be reused, and they say some might be factors in the SG:A DVD movie. Most interesting is, to me, (spoilers just for Atlantis finale, not for the future) Read more... )

Also related: Joseph Mallozzi's "Best 4 SG:A Episodes I never got to write". Somewhat more detailed.

A couple of the (collective) episodes sound kinda cool and I'm a little disappointed we'll never get to see them. Also they had some ideas I've had, too, proving once again, I should TOTALLY write for Stargate! ;) Anyway, I wish I could tap into parallel worlds sometimes just so I could see all these 'what might have beens!'. Or Nathan Fillion as John Crichton in Farscape!)

Speaking of Fillion, remember Doctor Horrible's Sing-A-Long Blog? Well, Whedon has said that it will continue in some form, but he's not sure what the form is. It may not be an internet series anymore. I dunno, I'm in as long as it's not a "I'll continue it as a comic book!", because it has to stay a musical! ;)

Anyway, talking with [ profile] locker_monster the other day, I mentioned off-handedly that they should get Summer Glau in the sequel, and make use of her trained ballerina skills. The idea was good for a few seconds of amusement, but it also stuck with me and came to me this morning before I left for work. And I have a longish (45 minute or so) walk to work, in which it's generally too dark to read, so my mind tends to latch on any old thing and work on it. I came up with the idea of having all of Doctor Horrible's major enemies being Firefly actors. Yes, I know it's unlikely and impractical he'd ever do anything like it, but amusing (to me, which is all that counts).

So, the product of my thinking on the way to work (and a little bit after), behind the cut. It's just silly fluff, but might be worth a chuckle. I present to you: the heroic counterparts to the Evil League of Evil!

Read more... )

Edit: Oh yeah, and Doc Horrible fans in Canada, apparently the glitches with Canadian distribution are over and you should be able to reorder from

Edit2: Although technically my Doctor Horrible ideas isn't a "What I'd Do With..." entry, I'm adding the tag anyway because it's related and it'll make it easier to find it again when I want to reread it. Yes, I like rereading my own ideas, I'm lame.
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This week I got just one book.

Astonishing X-Men #22 (bit disappointing, really)

Full reviews up as usual at my comic reviews site for anyone interested.

In books, I picked up Judas Unchained by Peter F. Hamilton, and in not-books, I also broke down and got Serenity: The Collector's Edition. It was the only one I saw at the store. Which I suspect either means it sold really well, or it wasn't ordered very much. Considering I found it in the regular 'Movies starting with S' section, rather than any display for it (and it came out this week, didn't it), I'm expecting the latter. Oh well, hopefully it'll pick up.

I didn't do the full walk, just most of it. After the comic store, it looked like it was starting to rain, and I was running late from work (which was okay, but late), and since I had a DVD and a new comic I figured I'd not chance it (even though my bag is somewhat waterproof), save myself an hour of walking, and take transit. My pre-transit walk was fairly productive though with ideas.

Oh, and didn't really have lunch per se, but had chicken fingers and fries when I got home.
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The future of Television, that is...

So, through undisclosed means, I watched two of the pilots for the new shows for the coming year.

Pushing Daisies: A modern fantasy about a man who can touch dead things and bring them back to life.

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles: A terminator series, set shortly after Terminator 2, with Sarah and John Connor on the run.

I quite liked both of them. Of the two, I think I liked Terminator a little better, but they're both worth a look, and I'll probably be watching both when they start (Fall for Pushing Daisies, January for Terminator). I do have some worries about Pushing Daisies - it's a concept that's good for the pilot, certainly, but I do have a bit of worries about how it'll be able to sustain it long term. But it's by the guy who created Wonderfalls and Dead Like Me, so that's a plus in its favour. In Terminator's favour, it's got Summer Glau!

A little more detailed comments behind the cut... slightly spoilery, but it doesn't reveal any of the 'big twists' (though if you don't already know, I will be talking about who the terminators are played by, so that might ruin a bit of surprise).

Pushing Daisies: Read more... )

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles: Read more... )

So yeah, both of these were on my (relatively small) watchlist for the next TV season, but it's good to see that my first impressions were right on in this case.
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Bah, I had most of this written up but a power blip made me lose it. Die power blips, die!

Okay, let's start out with more questions from that interview meme, these ones from [ profile] monkeykong...

1. You keep a fictional 'alternate journal.' What drove you to writing that story in this format as opposed to, say, a novel? Read more... )
2. Least favourite Firefly character? Why? Read more... )
3. In the imminent zombie holocaust, how long do you think you would last? Read more... )
4. What would your super hero costume be like? Read more... )
5. Would you rather be a cult icon or a worldwide superstar? Read more... )

Remember, if you want questions from me, post here.

Book Foo:

Finished: The Rise of Endymion by Dan Simmons (Reread)
Started: Rainbows End by Vernor Vinge

Thoughts (some spoilers), selected quotes, and thoughts springing off from the quotes behind the cut.
Read more... )

Moving on to Dream Foo!

One a cracky crossover with The Office, Doctor Who, Stargate Atlantis, and Runaways. Another is book foo related.
Read more... )

On my floor, which is wood-panelled, there are a few dark spots, looking like burns or whatever, slightly ovalshaped. There's a big cluster of them in a spot that I don't see on a regular basis, but will occasionally see. Sometimes if I'm not paying attention or I see them when my eyes are a bit blurry or in the middle of focusing, spotting them sets off my OMG BUGS! reflexive reaction before I realize/remember what they are.

Heroes tonight, woot! (That's a general woot, not a comment directed at [ profile] woot, unless she's also interested, in which case it serves both purposes) Bit of a shame Drive got cancelled, but I can't be too upset, I was only partway interested in it. Enough to keep watching, but not enough to be broken up at it being cancelled.

I've noticed while looking through some LJ entries (and adding tags to a bunch) from long ago year that I write a lot less now than 2 years ago. Huh. I suppose at least part of that is that I save up stuff to do in megaposts like this rather than posting every time I get the urge, though.

I think as of this entry I will be resuming my old habit of choosing my mood completely randomly, regardless of my current mood. Because you people already see too much into my psyche for my tastes! Also, because if I use my real moods I only get to use a few of my mood icons, and, well, that's not as much fun.
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First, Dream Foo. Both actual dreams, and lucid dream strategy.
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Anyway, speaking of that last lucid dream, I've been thinking lately of the somewhat flexible nature of consciousness. Read more... ) It's also possible I'm just going mad.

Anyway, yesterday I was watching the Canadian classic Strange Brew, and I happened to look up something about it and noticed that it was a loose adaptation of Hamlet (with the McKenzie brothers playing Rosencrantz and Guildenstern). Never heard that before, but I can see it. So, anyway, later in the day I was watching Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars, and my mind wandered (as it often does) to how one might be able to reinvent Farscape in another genre.
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I think I've mentioned before that my brother got himself a PS2 recently, so I've been able to play some. Only have two games at present, Castlevania and GTA: Vice City. Don't much care for Castlevania, but GTA's fun. Anyway, that's not really the topic I'm going for: I was a bit bored, so just did some random thinking on Video Games I'd Like To See: Read more... )
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So, on Saturday I went to a wedding. Read more... )

As mentioned above, my roommates and I have been seriously talking about getting another RPG game going. Read more... )

Prison Break, Heroes, and 4400 tonight. Woot. (No, not you [ profile] woot, just a general woot).

This morning I've been idly considering trying NaNoWriMo 'officially' for the first time, since I don't have school or XET to worry about this November. Normally I just sort of promised to myself that I'd try to write a little more that month. Well, technically speaking I probably still wouldn't be 'official' since I loathe signing up for things, but that I'd actually be trying to do a 50,000 word novel rather than having no specific goal and just continuing to add a little here and there to my short stories or longer term projects. Of course, I still have my [ profile] alternaljournal to keep up with and November I plan to be a 'mission month', so I'd have to be writing more of that too, to keep up, and that would take time from and not contribute to my hypothetical NaNoWriMo. Hmm. Well, I'll think about it some more.

Oh, and for anyone still wondering - that convention I went to back a month ago where I met Morena Baccarin and theoretically took her picture? Yeah, there'll be no pictures forthcoming, somehow the camera lost all of them (see, I always said my face would break any cameras!). Ah well.
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Over on Serenity: The Official Movie Website they have a 'point' system - you earn points through various tasks, which you can eventually use to get free merchandise and stuff. One of the most recent 'challenges' was to write the synopsis for the pilot to a spinoff TV series from Firefly, using one character from the series.

So, I did so. It's a bit different than most WIDWs, because I only had a couple weeks to do it (and even that only in my spare time between XET work and other stuff and had a limit of 10000 characters (which I hit and had to reduce), rather than taking all the time and space I need to think, so pretty much I just went with my first idea and ran with it.

The 'one character from the series' I chose was Saffron/Yolanda/Bridgett from "Our Mrs. Reynolds" and "Trash". So, here we go... after the cut is my synopsis for a pilot:
Read more... )

This and all my WIDWs archived here.

Dream Foo

Mar. 7th, 2005 05:39 am
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Weird SFish dream about alien spaceships and government conspiracies. Also Firefly stuff at the end.
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Got up this morning to find out it snowed. Drat.

Mental note: Do NOT attempt to go wait for the bus between 9 and 9:30am. Was waiting out there for half an hour... same thing happened last week when I had to go into work early. You'd think that since two different bus lines service that stop (it goes back to the station), they'd be able to manage more than one in a half an hour. Saw a lone, discarded pair of underwear in the subway station. I do not speculate as to its origin, that way lies madness.

Went to school, and handed in my last assignment! And I got to use, in the design document, the phrase, 'I have come to hate estudio with the fiery passion of a thousand suns'. Yay! That means I have only one thing weighing on my mind! The final exam, and.... err, two, two things weighing on my mind... the final exam, and getting my brother a birthday gift and g... err, three, three things weighing on my mind, the exam, my brother's birthday gift, and xmas shopping and.,.. Err, let's just quit this. Only one _academic_ thing weighing on my mind. The final exam. That's on Dec 14th, the same day I start my [ profile] alternaljournal.

The Coolest Thing Ever: Nathan Fillion, star of Firefly/Serenity, at Gen Con... SAT DOWN AND RPED with people playing a Firefly game. Story here and there's a picture here.
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Various MU* thoughts... things I'd like to see out there sometime, varying ideas on consent, elitism, etc.
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Odd batch of dreams.
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