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This week I got one book:

Captain Britain and MI13 #15 (sigh... last issue. But it went out pretty well, great issue)
Runaways #12 (okay... I think the magic may have left some, though)

Full reviews as usual at my comic reviews site for anyone interested.

Speaking of Runaways, had a dream with them in it. Them and zombies. Not the ones they fought though, these were actual undead. Although they weren't traditional zombies exactly, they had some variations . Basically, the idea of them was that most of the time, they'd shamble around in some imitation of the routines of their life. You could walk right past them and they wouldn't attack you. However, they were very very easy to startle. And anything that startled them, or any attack on them, would turn them and all the zombies nearby into full on flesh-eating mode. Also, if you were bitten and infected, as soon as you turned, you were in flesh-eating mode for several days, and any zombie near you would also swarm on people, drawn by your moans.

Anyway, they were fighting them. All I really remember in the way of specifics was Nico using the staff of one to crush a zombie skull.

Work was okay. They moved it to earlier in the day now so that I'll be getting comics after instead of before, but the time it'll take to do both works out about the same, and, on those weeks when I don't have comics (I'm only reading 2 books a month now that Captain Britain's gone, so that means at most I need to go every other week on average), I get home a lot earlier. Some other stuff happened that is a bit more mehhy and urge-to-kill risingish, but I don't particularly feel like talking about it, and it's still in a "see where it goes" stage.


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