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So, in addition to the New Doctor, and the New Companion, (and I suppose the New Logo) one of the things fans are generally eager to get an advance look at is the New Tardis... or at least, the new interior. They had to change the set for the switch to HD, and the show is known for changing the look on a semi-regular basis (they even included a line in Time Crash about 9/10's TARDIS look being the "Desktop Theme" (called Coral, for that variation). Well, we've got our first hint of what the next look will be. It's here, and it's pretty safe for spoilerphobes, don't seem to be anything in the pictures or article itself aside from the Tardis pic that could give anything away (can't vouch for comments of course, but I don't think there is anything there either).

My thoughts... okay, not as different as I expected.
I believe it's something 'painted on' to give actors an idea of what it looks like, or used for certain far shots, with the actual look being CGIed in as appropriate in most normal shots. The color scheme is sort of similar (more red, though), but looks more like a machine, rather than some kind of vast natural space that has a control box inside, which I actually like (if the TARDIS STARTED that way, then that's one thing, but it's usually looked like a machine so the organic look of the new series doesn't sit right). Have to see it in action, and so there's really not much to say. I think at this point, if it matches what I have in my mind, I probably like it more than the previous one, although the colors MIGHT feel a bit off. But we'll see.
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