Nov. 1st, 2009 05:58 pm
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So, it's November, the National Novel Writing Month. Like in most previous years, I'm not doing it as expected. However, I am doing another Personal Extra Writing Month, with the goal of reaching 50,000 words, just spread about amongst various short story projects. And I've already done 2000 for today, so I'm off to a good start (even if the story I was writing is probably unsalvagable without a complete rewrite).

The truth is, however, this isn't just a Personal Extra Writing Month, it's more of a KickStart month. See, I haven't posted about this, but for the last few months I've slacked off and haven't done any of my forced writing. Which isn't to say I haven't written, it's just either been dribs and drabs when the mood struck me, or on projects I don't count. But still, not as much as I wouldn't. There's many reasons for this, but most boil down to that I've been depressed, discouraged, and lacking new ideas and drive, and for the few months before I quit the metered writing, I was just chugging along without much drive, churning it out without getting any new ideas I wanted to work on. I thought maybe a break to refresh myself might help. And to a certain extent, it has. I've had a few new story ideas in the time off. I've identified a couple of the timesinks that I think hurt me in writing, and tried to cut them out of my routine. So, I'll do PerExWriMo to try to get myself back in gear (although I'll be taking off December as usual because Christmas month is just a pain all around with too much stuff on my mind), and hopefully start fully writing again my normal way in 2010, and also submitting stories again and start the whole rejection cycle. Anyway, crossed fingers.

Anyway, one of the writing things that "doesn't count" but has taken up some of my time and writing urges, are my Runaways alternate Vol 3 outlines. And, anticipating November, I finished up Year 3. I'll be posting it next, I think. I know, most of you don't care, it's basically unformed fanfic, but it does entertain ME (sadly, more than actual comics have in some time).

In other news, well, V starts this week. I don't have high hopes, but I'll watch. I'm still liking Stargate Universe... hasn't found its legs yet, but I like it well enough that it's probably my favorite show currently on (which really says more about the lack of quality shows on now than SGU). Heroes is interesting if you can completely ignore that they're still completely ignoring their own past (a couple weeks ago Peter sought out HRG to see if he knew a Healer. While his daughter was there. You know, the one who's blood healed him from a bullet to the head? But nobody seems to remember that). Enough to keep watching it. Other shows aren't really even worth much of a mention.

I've kept watching Classic Who, actually, instead of cutting it off, just because timing worked out that way, had new eps finish d/l when I had downtime and nothing to watch. Only about 4 or so stories left in Davison's run. I'll give a more complete rundown on my thoughts when I'm finished, but I'm actually enjoying the series more than I have in a while, somewhere around the end of 4 the writing took a big jump up in quality and inventiveness.
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Yay, Halloween. Not that I'm doing anything (I have a gasmask and some other props more or less ready to go so I can quickly go as a radioactive mutant from the wasteland, just in case a party springs up spontaneously that I can't avoid, but the odds of that are about as close as that of me falling through the floor because my atoms happens to be at spontaneously the wrong place at all the wrong times. Which would actually be kinda cool. Anyway, I love Halloween conceptually even if I haven't done much of it for years. Live in an apartment so there aren't even Trick or Treaters to be vaguely amused. Saw a handful of people in costume on the way home from work but it was still chilly enough that mostly it was just a little facepaint or whatever could be seen beneath coats. Ah well.

Anyway, what's been up with me? Well, as mentioned in the previous post, I've had computer problems. In fact, Wednesday in general sucked. Not only was work late, and I was feeling the start of a cold coming on, but as I was unwinding and getting ready to watch something or other on that computer (my downloading/tv watching computer) there was an error, it spontaneously rebooted and... rebooted and rebooted. Basically one of the hive files of the registry got corrupted. Yay, fun. Anyway, after a good deal of work (during a time which included a spontaneous power failure that I almost suspect was the universe being malicious towards me), I was able to restore a really old registry and be functional (but without a lot of my settings and programs) and thanks to that and a lot more work, about an hour ago, I was able to repair the original registry. So I'm almost where I was Tuesday! (But with a more recent backup of the registry and several boot/repair disks, having at least partly learned my lesson). Just one last crossing my fingers as another reboot (to do some updates that had been neglected) progresses to make sure it all boots up again the second time around.

Anyway, in other news, I will not be doing Nano this year, but I will be doing PerExWriMo again - Personal Extra Writing Month. I'll be trying to write every day except Wednesdays (where my work/comic schedule really messes things up for that) for the whole month. Which might actually be a more impressive feat than Nano last year - last year, I sped through it and completed Nano in a little over two weeks, and so didn't actually spend a whole month of constant work - I took the last two weeks off. This time I can't just take days off without failing.

Edit: Looks like the work continues - boots up fine but IE wants to restart every time I go to a new page. Must still be some corruption in the state of that computer, have to do more work to root it out.


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